shades of orchid

This week we’re celebrating hidden histories – they’re stories that unearth parts of the past that you probably never learned about in class, and give you a whole new perspective of the world. Check out this infographic for 15 of our favorites!

The a.m. intrepid with direction
The spirit of my life, acoustic
Aflight on many Chopin Nocturnes

What ease
The doleful March embrace
What lift
The melodramatic shrill

I am over clever
Blushed past orchid shade
Spindly mood of precision finger play

I am done with meticulously placid
More than an idea
Conceptually frustrated

Often so torn
In ponderance of forgiving
Stitched together with tendency to fray

Each motive
A gasp
Echoes loftier than the last

Eyes adrift
Pay homage to the themeless
A burn in the name
Of ambivalence I do feign

ask-ichigo-and-rukia  asked:

Pssst, Emma, imagine the first time Stiles hugs Derek, think about it, there's no life threatening situation or emotional distress the first time it happens, and that's the best part, they're just so mundane at the time, just sitting in the loft talking with the rest of the pack, everyone starts to leave and Derek is putting left overs away from dinner and Stiles just comes up and is like "See ya' later Der" and gives him a big hug- the really good kind where there's squeezing and 1/?

face-in-chest nuzzling and back patting involved, and the thing is there’s no awkwardness when he pulls away, no “Oh I didn’t mean to do that”, no “Sorry I was dared by Scott”, none of that, just a really sincere smile and “I’ll see you in the morning” because the pack have plans to meet in the morning and Derek finds himself chasing that touch, it’s the first positive touch he’s had in SO long and he can still feel it in his skin hours after Stiles leaves, he’s vibrating, he’s high, he needs more of that so badly, but he doesn’t know how to ask- he doesn’t even think he SHOULD ask for like an entire list of reasons.

And the morning comes and he hasn’t slept because he closes his eyes and still feels Stiles and when Stiles joins the pack he just goes up immediately, claps an arm around Scott like he always does, and then wraps Derek in that same big bear hug and smiles at him like nothing is different, and Derek is almost silent the entire meeting, unable to stop looking at Stiles.

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(05) Frigga, Allmother - Rene Russo

My 5th sketch from the Marvel women series (that I love) just got to be Rene. She was perfect as the Queen, and even in her 60s, damn was she still hot and smokin’, just ask Jake (Nightcrawler).

♡ crazynoona, fanart

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Swatches

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balms 105 Demure, 110 Coquette, 115 Whimsical, 120 Vivacious, 125 Flirtatious, 130 Tease, 135 Provocateur, 140 Coy, 145 Ingenue, 150 Enticing 

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Gosh I really love seeing all of you on my dash, Tales rpers or not, canon and oc, indie and group. And I love reading the stories we all weave together and stuff, to the point sometimes reading certain ones make me just wanna start crying just wow I really love you guys so much especially Shades-of-Orchid and Roaring-Revolution and DeterminedPrincess and Analyticalmordio and Alle-can and Gluttonyfang and Doctorlissome and Blond-Scientist-of-Sybak and so many more can I just love you all?


It was so all of the sudden, the appareance of sort of new faces over her place intimidated her a bit. Not because she was insecure over people, or completely shy, but because she hardly could get to trust this easily on strange people, even if the world was now in peace, and even if there was much time since all the wars she had to participate happened.

Her eyes took a quick glance over each one of them, unconsciously one of her hands got placed near to her sword, just in case. Though realizing how discourteous was she being, she decided to speak finally.

“Good day. Is there something you need me for?”

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on a base of Shade 1 from the Cream dream quad of the eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Palette from lids to brows. BLEND Shade 2 up to the creases and along
the lower lash lines. BRUSH Radiant Orchid shadow over the outer half of the lids, blending outward and upward. LAYER Shade 3 along the lower lash lines, softly shading upward to diffuse the Radiant Orchid. FINISH by blending Shade 4 over Radiant Orchid
and into the browbones.

DAB Ravishing dew Cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks, buffing color in a circular motion upward and outward along the cheekbones. REPEAT, this time diffusing color into the hollows of the cheeks.

lips for vivid color by exfoliating with a lip scrub. Wipe off excess and smooth on a hydrating lip balm. SKETCH on a saturated base of Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick. Start at the edges and work your way in, using a lip brush to distribute pigment and perfect the lip line.

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I'm cackling at the image if Nyongtory wedding photos with GD's mascara running down his face LMAO. I feel like Jiyong would be a huge bridezilla???

My initial reaction is yeah, G would totally be, but actually I think Ri would be the bigger one, and G would kinda like go with the flow and be like yeah, yeah, whatever you want Ri, just so that we look good. But Ri would be like running around like a chickenhead all over town like these are NOT the shade of orchids we agreed on omg, the lighting in this room with do NOTHING for Hyungs complexion.

And G is gonna be sitting there like Ri, it’s fine, as long as we get married and Ri will be like if this shit keeps up there ain’t gonna be no marriage.