shades of aqua



At last, the first in a series of interconnecting one shots about my Victuri Merman AU!

I had so much fun drawing these, I hope you guys like them! These two drawings are based on the last scene in this one shot :D

This first one shot is bit short and possibly a bit slow but you need to know how they met first :) Then it’s just going to be fluff for days~

I haven’t written fanfiction in about 6 years. Please have mercy X’D

This is the only place this fic is posted at the moment since I don’t have an AO3 account. Anyone wanna help a fan out and send me an invite so I don’t have to go on a waiting list? X’D

Relatively short introductory one shot under the cut.

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But suddenly it's September and your hair is no longer filled with sand and your freckles begin to fade like memories being slowly forgotten. The taste of his lips becomes fainter with every living breath and sometimes you even forget the shade of his aqua eyes. Then, one day you’ll wake up and realize what you thought was true was only temporary, and that boy with the firey red hair will only live on in your wildest dreams until June rolls around and the ocean calls you home.
—  savor the summer while it lasts

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"I'm all in if you're all in, baby"

You pace around the studio as your boyfriend records for his second solo album, your nerves pulsating rapidly as you do your best to come up with a speech, a speech that will stop him from terminating the relationship as you tell him in great detail that you have been offered a position in a California Hospital, permanently. You overhear the door open and close, you turn on your heels, your eyes instantly meeting the only eyes that still bring butterflies to your stomach,

“The last time yeh visited me here you brought me a puppy you impulsively decided to buy, so what yeh get us this time?” Harry’s voice chuckles, finally causing you to take a breath and grin. 

“Just came to see you,” You smile while he places a tender kiss on your cheek, followed by pulling you in for a hug, his arms wrapping around you.

You carefully pull away from his warm embrace as you see one of his songwriters walking in, “So, no puppy?” Harry questions with a small pout, making you think he wants to have another four legged friend running around the house chewing on his shoes and belts. 

“No, we can talk about that later.” You trail off, your heart beginning to race at the thought of now bringing up what you are incredibly eager and nervous to tell him. 

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DIVE Part 6


Such a bittersweet update! This is the final chapter of DIVE.

I want to thank you all so much for the love and the support on this little fic.

I plan to write many more stories very soon, Babes!

In the meantime, enjoy the final chapter of DIVE! An epilogue will follow this chapter up.

I love you all so much. <3

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Vernon/OFC: Kiss me

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 3055

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Jeonghan, Joshua

Prompts: “My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me, I’ll pay you.” AU and 36: “I can’t explain right now, I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.” for @50shadesdarkerofbizzle

Yoon Jeonghan was very pretty. He was also very rich. Rich, pretty people can be very persuasive. So when he slipped the invite to his house party for Saturday, she couldn’t say no. She had no reason to, it was a free night and exams were over. The only matter was that Jeonghan’s parties were very loud and very unlike his comfort zone, which further intrigued her in the type of friends he could possibly have to throw a bash.

Reserved, biology student Yoon Jeonghan had connections she could only dream of.

“When you took me to that Broadway because you got free tickets,” she crouched, clutching on her classmate’s arm as he led her around back. “You didn’t mention it was because you were friends with Kwon Soonyoung.” she tried not to gape at the number one arts student in the university, currently playing bartender by the pool.

Jeonghan grinned loftily, “Didn’t seem important at the time.”

“Can I use,” she nearly tripped, bumping into another guest, “Ugh, can I use one of the guest bedrooms? I need to study.”

“You mean, hide out and use my Blu-ray player, right?”

She grinned sheepishly, “What can I say? You have the whole Disney collection, remastered.”

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