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Fic writing - backstage

What happens behind the scenes of your beautiful fics… (only for fun and not always true)

1. The writer gets an idea from a random post or a song or a movie they want to rewatch. Writer posts about the idea, rants about the idea, talk about the idea to everybody they meet but when they sit down to write they stare at a blank document for hours.

2. 100 tabs of research for one paragraph they want to make accurate. In the next paragraph, they forget what they were trying to prove with the previous one.

3. Curses thrown at characters who refuse to cooperate with the plot. “WILL YOU JUST FEEL SAD ALREADY?!”

4. 3 a.m. texts to group about a headcanon they HAVE to use six chapters later.

5. English is NOT a universal language because what the fuck is wrong with spellings?!

6. Commas, commas everywhere, not an Oxford shall be spared.

7. The writer is dead inside but they are breaking the feels vault.

8. Pining to heights higher than pine trees.

9. Who tf created communication? We revel in misunderstandings always.

10. YouTube videos of gun disassembling and baking. 

11. Shades of brown and blue eyes. THE SKY IS NOT AZURE APPARENTLY!

12. Editing? We chop content like maniacs!

13. Beta hunting. Beta hunting failure. Dumping content in the pit of ravenous readers and watching the world burn.

14. Beta hunting success? 50 rants about the importance of Mario Kart in romantic success.

15. Post it post it post it!!! HOLY SHIT WHY DID I POST IT?! Thank GOD it’s posted…

16. Refresh the inbox. Refresh, you lazy ass, REFRESH!

17. One new comment *jumps over the couch* *slides along wet floor* *fumbles through fallen furniture* “more please!” 

18. Thinks about posting the next chapter -> I HATE MY BRAIN WHY TF WOULD I WRITE MULTICHAPTER FICS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!

19. Sits down to write the next chapter. Gets a new idea.

20. Stares into the void.

anonymous asked:

Any tips on how to draw Nautlons?

I’ll see what I can offer! Most of my personal stylization for Nautolans comes from The Clone Wars style for them, so I’ll mainly stick with that for most visual stuff. Here’s some tips on designing your handsome squids

Before I draw any OC for a SW species, I like to read up on their biology on their wikis-

Nautolans have large dark eyes, often black or dark maroon. They have 14 head-tresses (don’t feel pressured to draw all of them- they can be hidden behind them) that can be tied together or displayed in other fashions, and gills on the sides of their head:

 Their skin has been seen to be shades of Green, Brown, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red (though with colorful inhuman species like this I see no harm in adding extra colors if there’s no specified reason not to). 

Nautolans have also been shown to have varied skin patterns:

There’s near endless potential to mess around with here. You can look up other sea creatures for design inspiration! For my character Strizao, I based her appearance off of this Larger Pacific Striped Octopus

My Akua’s patterns weren’t inspired by a sea creature, they were just more natural-looking formations based on her old Gem self

And if your Nautolan doesn’t have wild colors or patterns, they can also get cool looking tattoos if desired!

Nautolan’s hands are fairly large and their fingers are pointed with no nails

and though it’s not canon, Kit Fisto was shown to have webbed hands in the 2003 clone wars, so feel free to mess around with that too! 

Despite not having webbed fingers in canon, they do have spindly webbed feet!

Also another thing to note- Nautolans were originally not meant to have eyelids, but in The Clone Wars they were animated to blink so that bit would also be up to you to decide if you want or not!

That should be all the basics of Nautolan appearance. You can google image search “Nautolan” for more inspiration if you’d like. 

Hope this helped, have fun!


The choice of colors in Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and wardrobe often reflected the tones of the landscapes that surrounded her. During annual visits to Lake George, New York, she painted local bodies of water and their forested surroundings in deep, cool shades of blue, green, and brown.  

When she O'Keeffe moved to New Mexico she dressed more casually than she did in New York. She also incorporated more color into her wardrobe. Her city style was structured around dresses, blouses, and skirts in black and white, but in the Southwest she began wearing Levi’s jeans, which she called “the costume of this country.”

O’Keeffe paired her jeans with men’s long-sleeved cotton shirts. One of her favorites was designed by Walter McCrory, a well-known shirtmaker whose customers reportedly included actors, royalty, and politicians, as well as this iconoclastic artist. Its blue and white colorway recalls her paintings of the New Mexico sky.

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This Wallpaper Is Dreadful, One of Us Will Have to Go

Paring: Bruce Banner/Reader

Tags: female reader, university/college AU, university professors, plants, fluff.

Summary: Reader is a temp at the local university. Dr. Banner is a professor, and at first sight, he can’t help but fall, and fall hard for you.

Word Count: 1,563

Posting Date:  2016-12-25

Current Date: 2017-05-31

Originally posted by whadewilson

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anonymous asked:

since u asked to send asks: can u please do a libs related bisexuality masterpost? I know it can be a lot of work but if u want to do it for the distraction u could talk about gay lyrics and quotes and etc from all libs related bands and ppl. I live for stuff like this and the libs are such a gay band I feel like it would make for an amazing post

WELL i can try my best but i think it’s going to be just a list of bi moments, without much commentary or anything but here we go!

the libertines: a bi masterpost

some quotes:

some pictures:

(that’s a gay shirt…a gay look…im just sayin)

(”to my darling pete”, “love wolfe”)

(retweeted by carl)

(”the man i love by me betrayed”)

(i’m aware this is just a bunch of carl pics but like!!! fragility of openness is the gayest thing in the world)

(since u said libs related people, i’m also adding the edie kiss!)

(quick kiss!!)

(the famous stan/carl kiss)

(something happenin there!!)

(the iconic gay etc, which he deleted the next day)

some lyrics:

  • “And all those nights you were so wrong/I would hold you for so long and say you’re not so bad” an additional verse from likely lads
  • “Well I remember your eyes that unique shade of blue/These brown eyes of mine, they stay closed” pete’s version of france which is…most likely about carl
  • “She almost spilled her lager/Toasting girls of great beauty” a gay lyric….since the girl in question was toasting girls of great beauty
  • the entire song ‘you’re my waterloo’ in general but especially that version pete dedicated to carl (”Doherty dedicated “You’re My Waterloo” to Barat at a solo concert at the Brixton Mass on June 17, 2008″)
  • lbr most of their songs are about each other
Beautiful Chaos

Written for @jpadjackles 1K Celebration. Congratulations Bronwyn!  I was assigned Kaleo’s Save Yourself, which is not my preferred genre but I hope it works. I hope y’all like it! A huge thank you to the extraordinary @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, for being my beta on this.

Single Jared AU x Reader (This is my first attempt at writing Jared, be gentle)

Word Count: 1588

Warnings: Mentions of the death of a parent (I think that is all)

My name is Y/N. I am a planner. I don’t do rash things. I plan things very carefully. I am not a spontaneous woman. I plan menus for my week. I plan my outfits the night before. I buy toothpaste and toilet paper in advance so I don’t run out. I know where I am going before I get in the car, even if I am not driving. Life without plans encourages chaos. I don’t do chaos. I have rules. I have goals. To achieve those goals, I need plans.

I have spent the better part of my 23 years on this planet planning my life. Since I was a little girl I discovered that everything takes planning. My mother was not a planner, she did everything as she went. I can’t tell you how many times a week I heard her ask “What do you want for dinner?” I wanted to know days in advance what I was having. This made life easier when you only had to make one trip to the grocery store.

My father. Now he was a planner. I have inherited this trait from him, so at least my mother told me so. I don’t remember him much. He died when I was little. But Mother told plenty of stories about him. How he had planned to marry her. How he planned when they would buy their first house, have their first child. How he would get that promotion to buy a bigger house and have more children.

Mother said the only thing he didn’t plan on was dying in a car wreck before my third birthday.  Mother was able to keep the house, because that was something he had planned for.

Here I find myself, twenty years later, standing in front of a tattoo shop. Of course it was planned. I had done my research. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. I had even made several trips to peruse through each artist’s portfolio and I knew exactly who would be doing this work. I pushed open the door with purpose and walked inside. I walked to the counter, announced myself and that I was here for an appointment with Jared. I was directed to the small sitting area to wait and was told Jared would be with me soon, he was just finishing up with a client. I could hear music through the sound system. It was calming, not what one would expect in a tattoo shop. I wasn’t familiar with the song, but I liked it. I made a mental note to ask about it before I left.

Just because I had planned this for weeks, even months, didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. This is my first tattoo. I had never met the artist in person, but I spoke with him on the phone to schedule the appointment and his work spoke volumes. I was checking my emails when I heard a deep voice call my name. 

“Y/N? Hi, I’m Jared. We spoke on the phone. Come on back and let’s get you set up. I have your stencil ready. Thank you for emailing it to me. I think you are going to be pleased with it. I followed your direction just like you asked.” His voice was calm, just like the music.

He wasn’t what I expected. He was gigantic, well over six feet tall. He was wearing a black v-neck tee, the fabric straining over the muscles in his arms, that were covered in ink, beautifully detailed artwork whirling over the tanned, taut skin. From beneath the arm of the shirt, I could see half of what appeared to be a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. It was stunning and I longed to see the rest of it, hear the story behind it.

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