shader packs

after i eat or whatever and before i get started on the work i have due this week (there is a lot) i should absolutely some mc shader packs on some very important scales including but not limited to:

  • how much the sun hurts your eyes when you look in its general direction
  • how little you can see when it’s nighttime and you’re in an unlit area
  • how much my computer SCREAMS when i run mc with this shader
  • how terrible my fps is out of a 60 cap
  • how cool the light rays and shadows look
  • how good the colours are
  • how much the water looks like it contains many-tentacled lovecraftian horrors, or how crystal clear and pretty it is
  • grass wiggle physics? leaf wiggle physics?

Portraits of Crysis

Quite a few good looking games came out in 2007. Bioshock, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Gears of war, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. But one pushed graphical fidelity beyond anything seen up until that point (and made most videocards beg for their life in the process). That game was Crysis, developed by the German studio, Crytek.

At the time, it was one of the most technically complex games ever created, boasting over a million lines of code, 1 GB of texture data and 85,000 shaders. It brought a ton of great visual features to the table like, HDR lighting, full water reflections and refractions, dynamic soft shadows, a complete day and night cycle, soft particles and parallax occlusion mapping, just to name a few. There is actually more technology behind a single tree in Crysis, than the entire game engine (Cryengine 1) that ran the original Far Cry.

One thing that helped give the game even more longevity was the ability to tweak and mod almost everything in the world. Thanks to some talented and innovative modders, it lifted Crysis to even further graphical heights. One of the most notable mods was Hawkeye|Puppy’s RELI2, which is a lighting overhaul for the Time of Day system. It was so good, it got him a job at Crytek! Other fantastic mods include Rygel’s texture pack, Silent’s high-res foliage and Xzero’s pom/af shader pack. My screenshots are using a combination of all these and more (with numerous settings and texture changes over the years as well). The incredible design of Crysis’s powerful game engine, plus the communities great work, makes it one of the most gorgeous looking games ever to be released. 


After a day of struggle, I downloaded a shader pack for the first time. Took some fancy pictures of project T.O.P.

Project T.O.P is a giant tower of pimps that goes from bedrock to sky limit with the interior separated into 6 sections; one for each of the Achievement Hunter boys.

These pictures are from Geoff’s, Michael’s, Ryan’s, Ray’s and Jack’s sections. (And some epic exterior pictures. The sun is so shiny with the shader.)

To see more pictures of Project T.O.P. Go here

anonymous asked:

Hey Sjin. If you don't mind my asking what texture pack and shaders pack are used in the new Let's Build? It doesn't mention them in the description so I figured I'd ask here. Thanks! And stay awesome!

GLSL shaders with the Seus ultimate shaderpack

The texture pack is Chroma hills, I can’t go into detail about how to get it to work with bump mapping, it’s very complex, but I wish you luck on your quest to achieve that if you want to go for it!