Cloudstar : Large white tom with gray on muzzle, tail, and paws and blue eyes.

Fernshade :  Brown and Golden Torbie she-cat with gold eyes.

Medicine Cat
Goldenlily : Smallish Golden she-cat with blue eyes and a shortish tail.

Mudfur : Large, long hair, dark brown tom with light brown flecks on his tail, muzzle, and legs, green eyes. Apprentice : Fawnpaw.
Ripplepelt : Blue-gray she-cat with white “rippling” stripes on her back and paws. Blue eyes.
Branchface : Dark brown tom with a light brown face and paw markings.
Emberbreeze : Ginger calico she-cat with white and brown markings, yellow eyes.
Mottlespot : Gray mottled tom with blue eyes.
Streamfur : Light gray tom with gold eyes.
Brookheart : Blue roan she-cat with violet/indigo eyes.
Blacktail : Light gray she-cat with a white back and paws, a black tail and ear markings. Almost Black eyes. Shadepelt’s sister.
Starpelt : Black she-cat with bright yellow eyes and white flecks on body. Missing left hind leg. Used to be a kittypet.
Swanstep : White tom with green eyes.
Dewdrop : Gray-blue she-cat with darker paws and golden eyes. Apprentice, Snowpaw.
Cederfish : Brown-gray tom with yellow eyes.
Pebblefluff : Light gray long-haired she-cat. Green eyes. Apprentice, Eaglepaw.
Rabbitflight : Light brown long-legged tom with green eyes.
Lilyfur : White she-cat with blue-gray swirl patterns on back, tail, and around the eyes. Green eyes.
Grassthorn : Mousy brown tom with gold eyes.
Adderheart : dark gray-brown tom with darker stripes and gold eyes.
Brackentooth : Brown tom with gray stripes and grayish eyes. Apprentice, Graypaw.
Shadepelt : Dark gray she-cat with green eyes. Blacktail’s sister.
Briarvine : Light gray she-cat with bright green eyes.
Flamebelly : Ginger-yellow tom with red-copper underbelly and paws.
Frostfoot : Light blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes and frosty white paws.
Snowback : Gray tom with white back and orange eyes.

Snowpaw : White she-cat with blue eyes.
Fawnpaw : Brown/gold she-cat with green eyes.
Eaglepaw : Dark brown tom with a white head and black tail. Orange eyes.
Graypaw : Gray tom with lighter stripes and yellow-green eyes.

Sandyheart : Sandy gold she-cat with gold eyes. Mother of Wispkit, Sunkit, and Mosskit
Featherwillow : Light gray long-haired she-cat with white spots and blue eyes.


Maplestar : Dark gold she-cat.

Thorneye : Brown tom.

Medicine Cat
Swiftpoppy : Calico torbie she-cat. Apprentice, Fernpaw.

Antdust : Red-gray tom.
Swiftleaf : White she-cat.
Ashentail : Brown she-cat with a gray tail.
Rainbreeze : Blue tom. Apprentice, Berrypaw
Speckleripple : Gray she-cat with blueish ripple specks.
Mothblossom : White brown she-cat.
Molegaze : Brown tom
Branchstride : Black tom with brown paws. Apprentice, Mudpaw.
Crowshade : Gray she-cat.
Mudcoat : Dark brown tom with black spots.
Acornspot : Copper tom. Apprentice, Leafpaw.
Harecoat : Light gold tom.
Firesight : Red she-cat.
Grayleaf : Gray she-cat. Apprentice, Harepaw.
Cedarscar : Red-brown tom with lighter and darker stripes.
Ravenfish : White and black tom.
Smallspot : Small tabby tom with black spots.
Foxpuddle : Red tom.
Liontail : Golden tom with a bushy darker tail. Apprentice, Darkpaw.

Leafpaw : White and black she-cat.
Darkpaw : Black tom.
Mudpaw : Brown tom.
Berrypaw : Gray and cream she-cat.
Fernpaw : Black tom
Harepaw : Brown and white tom.

Shadowblossom : Black she-cat with white paws. Mother of Badgerkit, and Sunkit.

Bouldersky : Gray tom.
Cloverleaf : White she-cat. 


Squirrelstar : Dark ginger tom.

Specklewing : White and black speckled she-cat.

Medicine Cat
Ebonyrock : Black and blue tom.

Whistletooth : Large white she-cat.
Acorngaze :  Brown and red tom.
Swiftear : Black tom.
Rosemist : Small red she-cat with black-white paws and red-copper eyes. Apprentice, Whiskerpaw.
Spottedpetal : Black and brown spotted she-cat with light red paws.
Cinderflower : Cinder-brown she-cat.
Aspencreek : Dark brown tom.
Ivyvine : White she-cat.
Goldenthorn : Golden she-cat with brown paws.
Dawnshade : Tortoiseshell she-cat
Birdwing : Black tom.
Brightleaf : Light red she-cat.
Berrygaze : Cream tom.
Torntail : Calico tom with a torn tail.
Eaglespirit :  Brown and white she-cat. Apprentice, Thistlepaw.
Ashslip: Gray and brown tom.
Brindlefall : Dark brown she-cat.
Shadowtail : Black tom.
Mapletooth : Red tabby she-cat.
Driftwillow : White and brown she-cat.

Thistlepaw : Brown, black, white, and gray mixed tom with green eyes.
Whiskerpaw : Gray tom

Whitesight : White tom
Rosebridge : Red tom with gold spots

Cats outside the Clans

Shadow : Black tom with green-yellow eyes. A kittypet. Lives with Smokey.
Poco : Old gold tabby tom with green eyes. A rouge. Lives with Kiki, and Whisper.
Kiki : Young white she-cat. Gold eyes, Whisper’s sister. Rouge
Whisper : White-gray tom with green eyes. Rouge
Smokey : Old gray tabby kittypet with yellow eyes.

Other Animals

Copper : Middle sized (Australian Sheepdog) he-dog with a stub tail. Lives with Smokey and Shadow in Barepeltland. Molly : Large black-gray (Lab/Boxer) she-dog with stub tail. Lives with Duchess on the Farm. Duchess : Tall black mare (Friesian/Andalusian). Lives on the Farm.