“Shademag is a product of our friendship and aspiration to inspire youth like us. It’s all about creative positivity and inclusion. We are shining a light on artists of color and all the cool, amazing people we meet everyday.”

Meet the powerhouse duo behind SHADE MAG in this exclusive interview with creators Apryl Fuentes & Azha Luckman.

Photos by Jazmin Jones

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A shout out, note of admiration, and congrats to these girls who are taking over the world, but also friends who have inspired me so much. Apryl and Azha run a wonderful zine called Shade Magazine which you should most definitely check out. Name Inspired by the film Paris is burning, It’s a creative platform that’s all about offering representation for people of color and others who are often left out of the creative scene. I love and cherish these two so much and am so excited for them to sell their first printed zine, Sassy, this weekend in Brooklyn at the Girl Artist Takeover show!!!

Spread this positive body of work like wild fire and send my friends all the best of vibes. 

*Photo from their shoot with thankyoufortheflowers

* Girl Artist Takeover art show curated by tyrathezombie 

*Shade Magazine 

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- Jared, The Brown Queer Project