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my first two ocs were twins, named silverleaf and shadefur. they both had heterochromia, but they were complete opposites. silverleaf was silver with black stripes, with a left green eye and a right blue eye, while shadefur was black with silver stripes and a left blue eye and right green eye. shadefur was also incredibly edgy and just a piece of shit really. silverleaf was a Good Girl

geneticists are crying 

Hey look who half assed windclan because I’m on a roll and I don’t want to lose my ideas (minus rufioh, I literally had nothing for him) ok I’ll try this again, maybe no spelling errors this time
John/windstar: all black, blue eyes, excluding some suspiciously white rectangles around his eyes
Tavros/Bullwing: orange/brown with brown feet and tail tip. Also big ass ears
Jade/Barkear: all black except white circles around the eyes, white ears, and white paws
Jake/Hareleap: top of head is black, black around the eyes, black tail tip and black paws. Otherwise all white
Jane/Rabbitfoot: mostly black with white patches, especially on the top of the head and around they eyes
Skip rufioh
Sollux/Beepelt: yellow, two colored eyes, black stripes
Horus/Shadefur: all brown with black tail, hair tuft, and around the eyes

I just kind of threw these together for @moonpaw17
Hope you like at least a few of them