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 feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo!! ^_^

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Okay, Okay. I like the Gabriel Reyes who eats hispanic food, who curses and throws shade in Spanish, celebrates/ sticks to traditions and what not. But I’ll raise you super(and maybe a bit racist?) Hispanic Gabe for...

A Gabe who is torn between two cultures. 

A Gabe who is a first generation Mexican(or whatever you headcanon him as)-American. A Gabe who can understand most Spanish but fails to communicate in it. A Gabe who’s first language is English because his parents wanted him to have more oppertunities in school and not be made fun of for struggling to speak or for having an accent. A Gabe who is shunned by Spanish-Speakers for not being able to speak it fluently. A Gabe who is called a Pocho constantly. A Gabe who knows more about American Holidays than Hispanic ones because it’s what his school and the Media taught him. A Gabe who felt insecure about his Hispanic heritage. A Gabe who tries to learn more about his heritage and language. A Gabe who gets shit on so bad for making a mistake on either of those things. A Gabe who looks Hispanic but is more American because he assimilated too well. 

A Gabe who didn’t fit in either category. A Gabe who grew up in LA never fitting in with his own kind and looking like a poser among the whites. A Gabe who tried to learn Spanish in High School only to be made fun of. A Gabe who was poor but couldn’t fucking relate to anybody. A Gabe who was judged by white people for how he looked and by Hispanics for how he acted. A Gabe constatly called ‘white washed’. A Gabe who floundered between both cultures with no solid footing in either. A Gabe who couldn’t relate.

A Gabe who never felt good enough. 

A Gabe who felt like an inferior Hispanic and a wannabe White. 

A Gabe who didn’t feel like he wasn’t fully one or the other.

A Gabe who felt…like he was nothing.

Yeah, yeah, it’s fun to think of him as being fully Hispanic in culture. I see comics and stories with ‘la chancla, tortillas, pendejo,’ etc. But…fuck do you know how fitting it is for Gabe to be a ‘Pocho’?

He doesn’t have any spanish lines and he grew up in LA. His parents probably wanted their boy to be more ‘American’ because they themselves struggled to fit in to the country because of the language barrier and cultural barrier. They thought they were doing Gabe a favor by making him more ‘American’. But in the end they did more harm than good. And that left him feeling horrible and conflicted his whole life.

And I know some of you are like ‘Well you’re just trying to white wash him!’ But that’s not the point. I was the same. I grew up in an American Culture but with a Mexican apperance. It sucks being stuck between two cultures. It really fucking dose and the idea of having Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper, going through the same shit I did is really comforting. 

I’m not saying you should adopt this HC, I know not everyone is like this. But a lot of people are and I think it’s important to point out that someone can be Hispanic without being full on stereotypical. It takes away a lot of depth from a person and charachter, y’know?


Icarus is flying too close to the sun
Icarus’s life has only just begun
This is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

I wanted to draw Ed in a pose similar to The Lament for Icarus by H. J. Draper. So I did. 


decided to try doing a panel redraw of my precious owl sons it was really fun!!!

the colours gave me ridiculous amounts of grief so i decided to stick to shading(ꉺ▿ꉺ)

imagine you’re taking a multiple choice test, and it’s a part of your final exam, or SAT, or it’s the bar exam or something. you hate standardized tests (who doesn’t?) and come faced with one of those questions that’s like… “which of these responses is the most accurate?”

none of the answers are accurate. man, you hate standardized tests. you don’t know which of the four options is the most accurate, you think this is stupid. so you write in a fifth option that is completely accurate, and shade that in. stick it to the system.

but that’s not how the system fucking works, yeah? you’re going to lose a mark for that, regardless of how accurate your written-in answer was. you don’t know how many of the other answers you got right, either. for all you know, that one question you answered in protest was the difference between pass and fail, and now you have to wait another year to take the test, if you’re even allowed to take it again.

yes, we know the system sucks. but for the love of god, protest it some other time when it isn’t critically important that you not screw up. hundreds of thousands of people’s lives are going to be affected by the outcome of this decision. you can’t afford to screw around here doing something you know has no hope in hell of working in order to ease your conscience.