shaded nails

after they start dating otabek totally develops a fixation for yuris hands

he loves them. loves the way yuri’s long fingers feel whenever he cups otabeks face, loves the smooth way they feel against his own palm when their hands are interlaced, loves the way they look whether yuri’s wearing rings or bracelets or any shade of nail polish

he loves pressing his lips to yuri’s knuckles, or turning his head to kiss yuri’s palm whenever yuri holds his hand to his cheek, or spontaneously grabbing yuris wrist and kissing his pulse

and when he sees yuri with ice cream on the corner of his lips and grabs yuri’s hand and guides it so yuris thumb can swipe it away, and then guides his hand to his mouth and licks the ice cream off, well. he realizes that maybe he should get his fixation under control.

(or not, because yuri’s face is an adorable shade of red right now, and he would like to see it again.)

Sirius Black and Lily Evans

After Lily warms up to Sirius, these were some common sights…

  • Sirius Black and Lily Evans, sitting in the common room by the fire, braiding each others hair.
  • Lily testing a new shade of nail polish on Sirius, slapping his hand away every time he went to touch his nail before it had dried
  • Lily and Sirius both talking about the cute people that walked past them while they did their homework(re: Lily did her work, Sirius doodled)
  • Sirius and Lily exchanging crop tops and baggy sweaters because “Oh my god Sirius this sweater would work great with your hair”
  • Sirius helping James with his new attempt to ask out Lily, only to listen to her rave on and on for hours about how “dreadful that James Potter was”, wondering when exactly she would admit she liked him
  • Sirius and Lily making sure Remus had his work done, and always offering him blankets and water and chocolate
  • Lily practically having to slap Sirius in the face to tell him “Yes you idiot Remus likes you ask him out” because Sirius couldn’t believe anyone would actually really like him romantically past his looks
  • Sirius and Lily being best friends forever(although forever was a little shorter for one)

Rhett in tank tops

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Alec was a man of action, everyone knows that. When Jace used to be afraid to go sleep because of the nightmares, Alec just sat on the floor beside his bed and held his hand through the night. When Izzy cried after her first training, Alec treated her wounds and braided her hair. Whenever Max was reprimanded by Maryse, Alec would leave hot chocolate and his favourite comic book in his room to make him feel better.

It was just one of his very many quirks. His siblings loves him for it and appreciate the little things he does for them. Simply because they know he wouldn’t to it for just anyone. For years, he had only done these things for his family. So imagine the shock they felt when he started to do it for Magnus too.

On one occasion, Izzy found the eldest Lightwood waiting outside her door after training to borrow nail polish. Taken aback, she silently grabbed a few and handed them over to her brother. Alec never let her paint his nails, so she wondered if he finally succumbed to her onslaught. The next day she found Magnus at breakfast, wearing one of the shades of nail polish she gave to Alec. She slyly eyed her brother who was blushing when he returned them back to her.

Apparently, Magnus seemed worn out lately from all the intense spells his clients had been making. He didn’t have as much energy to make himself glamorous and was feeling dull. So Alec thought it’d be a good idea to paint his nails for him while he was asleep.

On another occasion, Jace and Max found him in the kitchen cooking up a storm in the middle of the night. It was a mess. He was covered in an array of spices and the pot he was cooking rice in was overflowing. He was trying to make fried rice. The blonde Lightwoods cackled at the sight before helping him learn the recipe. There was a lot of trial and error before they finally made a decent plate but it was worth seeing the smile on their brother’s face. When they asked why he had the sudden interest to learn to cook, his turned away and mumbled that it was one of Magnus’s favourite dishes.

They learned later on that Magnus had been feeling nostalgic and was reminiscing about his childhood. Not that it was all great, but the memories of the food he had always brought him comfort. Magnus then gushed about how his boyfriend made a really good fried rice, almost just like the ones he used to eat.

It took them awhile to get used to Alec doing little things for someone else but when Alec was turning 50 shades of red for getting caught, it was hard to not to love it.

Older Sibling Headcanons

-When their younger sibling feels sick an Omega will build them a nest to nap in, the way their mother always does

-An Alpha trying to make macaroni and cheese for their younger siblings but they burn it and the smoke detector goes off and they end up with a couple of five year olds teaching them how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and saying “even YOU can’t burn that” because five year olds are often unintentionally vicious

-Omegas are very alert by nature but when their younger siblings are involved they become even more watchful, especially when alone in public places, they always make sure to keep a firm grip on the child’s hand and tuck them closer to their side whenever someone passes just a little too close

-A young Alpha holding their baby sibling and trying to croon for it the way their dad does

-Older Alphas trying to teach their younger Alpha siblings to growl and laughing because they sound about as threatening as a kitten

-Teenage Omegas disliking anyone being in or around their nest but happily allowing their younger siblings to crawl in with them if they have trouble sleeping at night

-Two Alpha siblings competing to impress their young Omega sibling by seeing who can make the better block tower and they are super into it while the little Omega honestly isn’t even paying attention

-An Alpha babysitting their younger siblings and they don’t really know how to change a diaper but they try really hard…only to have their slightly younger Omega sibling see it a little later and just being like, “Its inside out…and backwards? How…?”

-Little Omegas pleading for their Alpha sibling to let them paint his nails and the Alpha has completely run out of ideas to entertain the children so they agree, and end up with their feet and hands completely covered with various shades of nail polish

-Playing a game and the older Alpha sibling allowing their little siblings to win despite how much it’s killing the competitive part of them to lose on purpose