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I haven't read the shatter me trilogy yet (I'm going to tho) but I read an anti shatter me post saying that adam was ooc when he said those things to juliette in unravel me (I think that's when it happens? might be ignite me tho) just so that tahereh mafi could make warnette canon. I don't really believe them, at least I don't want to, but could you explain to me why he wasn't ooc and/or why warner is better for juliette? basically, could you tell me why adam sucks bc I live for your shade 👀

LMAO ppl acting like adam’s behavior in unravel me/ignite me is ooc like he hasn’t been the same crusty ass rotten eggplant throughout the entire timeline of shatter me are so funny bc that’s literally like saying it’s okay if someone is possessive and dominant in a relationship bc they mean well!! like sense who, logic where?? but here’s a comprehensive study of adam kent, a.k.a malaria 2.0′s character:

- the embodiment of male entitlement
- fuqboi shenanigans
- trashbag tantrums
- literally doesn’t let juliette breathe without him
- like for one single sec
- “I WILL PROTECT YOU, JULIETTE SHHHH SHHhHHH” he often says to juliette, the girl who can END HIM with a swish of her little finger. nice try jan
- literally (and i mean LITERALLY) tells her she would be better off dead… like he’d rather see her dead than with warner or anyone else for that matter, he’d rather juliette drop dead than be strong and independent and think for herself
- whoever thinks abusive assholes who whine about how miserable they are when their gf literally wanted to kill herself bc she felt useless and miserable and ALONE and was severely depressed and suicidal but they stilL?? think the world revolves around them?? bc the spotlight wasn’t shining directly over their potato heads for 0.2 minutes?? and still think they’re worth two cents when they are, in fact, not?? are okay and acceptable in any way or form can see me outside

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why are people even saying "its mean to make fun of their art" like did they not see op draw sombra, symmetra, pharah, and ana with Literally paper white skin or what. they cant just say it was bc they didnt color anyone either, bc efis skin is drawn shaded. so why is this getting defended at all lmao


why is the easter meetup on the same day as the poc phandom meetup??? why isn’t the easter meetup on easter sunday rather than today?? idk it’s just annoying me how it’s completely overshadowing the poc meetup