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I could not ever thank this game enough for the wonderful experience of my past few years. I’ve never dove so far into a game or fan community as I have for TF2, by far my favorite game. It means the absolute world to me, and I could not ask for a better set of murder dads ❤

Thank you Valve, for them.

Probably one of the biggest arguments I see being used against astrology is the Barnum effect. Basically, it’s an effect that states that people are naturally inclined to believe in general, vague descriptions that can apply to everyone.

The people who make this argument get so smug because they think, “It’s true, the astrological descriptions are all so vague and applicable to everyone, so therefore, it’s bullshit!” when really, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you look at your natal chart, you’ll see that all of the signs are present. You are supposed to feel all of the signs resonating within you. When you read those vague Sun sign descriptions, they should ideally resonate somehow in some way. If you don’t, you have an interception, and interceptions can feel quite painful for anyone who has one in their natal chart since it shows an imbalance of the signs.

The people who make this argument also argue on the assumption that astrology was supposed to be extremely accurate, in an objective sense. What these skeptics don’t realize is that astrology is a subjective subject, and that accuracy, or the truth is truly a subjective idea when humans have different biases and perceptions due to their complexities. If accuracy was so objective, why do people still have arguments to this day? If accuracy, or the truth, was so objective, wouldn’t everybody know about it to where no conflicts would occur? Of course, this wouldn’t happen because the subjectivity of the truth is connected to our uniqueness as an individual.

Astrology was not and will never be an objective subject in its essence. If astrology was objective at all, it would be for the sake of existing and mental understanding. After all, you can’t objectify the human personality, and people who generally take an objective stance will struggle to understand that.

Astrology isn’t vague because it’s inaccurate, it’s vague because it takes the essence of life into account. Astrology is a subject that realizes that random circumstances, environments, and events all come into play when it comes to the individual. Take the variables away, and you’ll see a warped, incorrect picture of life.

Now what if Allura was a jazz singer?

In the TMNT 2012 fandom, we have a number of categories that fans can possibly fit into:

  • -the leo fanatics.
  • -the raph fanatics.
  • -the apologists for both of them.
  • -b-team fanatics.
  • -b-team defense squads.
  • -’mikey can do no wrong and is a cinnamonroll U w U’ fans.
  • -’donnie and april 5ever!!!’ fans.
  • -the tcest fans.
  • -the Heterosexual Shippers (AKA: the ones that loudly ship ramona, capril, apritello, leorai, etc etc etc)
  • -fans that can’t accept ships that aren’t straight, and are in denial about their homophobia.
  • -actually the last two categories often crossover.
  • -true adults in this mess of a fandom that let drama pass over them without blinking.
  • -fourteen yr olds just learning about fandoms and starting their careers as fan artists.
  • -the artists that everyone knows and loves, and have fanwork of their fanwork submitted to them regularly.
  • -the oc generators.
  • -the self insert fans.
  • -the fans that still use ‘Yaois!!! OMG!!! XD’ in their tags.
  • -the mpreg fans.
  • -canon fix-it/critiques of the show and writers type fans.
  • -fanfic writers who write nothing but porn and get hundreds of followers for it.
  • -miserable fanfic writers who write long in-depth fanfics that are given very little recognition in comparison to the smut writers.
  • -similarly are the artists that draw nothing but shipping or smut and have thousands of followers, while the ones who do not have a few hundred if they’re lucky.
  • -the small pool of POC individuals with racially diverse headcanons and fan content.
  • -the enormous pool of very obviously white individuals with white headcanons to match.
  • -the even larger ocean of fans who don’t know how multi-siblings households work, or how siblings act around each other in general.
  • -the puddle of femslash shippers.
  • -polite and sensible fans that don’t get involved in anything and only bring encouragement to the table for all the fan content creators.
  • -the lurkers who never say anything but leave likes on everyone’s work.
  • -the ‘excuse me, this is why you’re wrong-’ fans who start chain post wars.
  • -that one corner of the fandom that likes the Foot clan henchmen more than the main cast.
  • -the dickbags and rabidly crazy fans no one likes at all.
  • -the tired fans who just want to leave. 

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may i ask your brush settings? i love ur art so fluid *star emoji*

i use manga studio 5 so idk if these will be good to use for anyone but u kno

this one is what i use for doodlin, it gives a neat texture that i like

this one is smoother, i also use it for sketching and usually just use it as lineart most of the time bc i like the soft look

if im doing an actual like drawing ive worked on the composition of and all that junk, or if its for someone, ill probably finish it with my lineart brush which i use bc its vry smooth and gives sharp edges rly easily, its better to use it for thick lines which i dont do all the time so ykno

I can’t believe Noctyx is a thing… Noctnyx? Nyxnoct? Caelric? Ulricaelum?