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In the TMNT 2012 fandom, we have a number of categories that fans can possibly fit into:

  • -the leo fanatics.
  • -the raph fanatics.
  • -the apologists for both of them.
  • -b-team fanatics.
  • -b-team defense squads.
  • -’mikey can do no wrong and is a cinnamonroll U w U’ fans.
  • -’donnie and april 5ever!!!’ fans.
  • -the tcest fans.
  • -the Heterosexual Shippers (AKA: the ones that loudly ship ramona, capril, apritello, leorai, etc etc etc)
  • -fans that can’t accept ships that aren’t straight, and are in denial about their homophobia.
  • -actually the last two categories often crossover.
  • -true adults in this mess of a fandom that let drama pass over them without blinking.
  • -fourteen yr olds just learning about fandoms and starting their careers as fan artists.
  • -the artists that everyone knows and loves, and have fanwork of their fanwork submitted to them regularly.
  • -the oc generators.
  • -the self insert fans.
  • -the fans that still use ‘Yaois!!! OMG!!! XD’ in their tags.
  • -the mpreg fans.
  • -canon fix-it/critiques of the show and writers type fans.
  • -fanfic writers who write nothing but porn and get hundreds of followers for it.
  • -miserable fanfic writers who write long in-depth fanfics that are given very little recognition in comparison to the smut writers.
  • -similarly are the artists that draw nothing but shipping or smut and have thousands of followers, while the ones who do not have a few hundred if they’re lucky.
  • -the small pool of POC individuals with racially diverse headcanons and fan content.
  • -the enormous pool of very obviously white individuals with white headcanons to match.
  • -the even larger ocean of fans who don’t know how multi-siblings households work, or how siblings act around each other in general.
  • -the puddle of femslash shippers.
  • -polite and sensible fans that don’t get involved in anything and only bring encouragement to the table for all the fan content creators.
  • -the lurkers who never say anything but leave likes on everyone’s work.
  • -the ‘excuse me, this is why you’re wrong-’ fans who start chain post wars.
  • -that one corner of the fandom that likes the Foot clan henchmen more than the main cast.
  • -the dickbags and rabidly crazy fans no one likes at all.
  • -the tired fans who just want to leave. 

dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

+ click full view to see phillip’s freckles!

eyyy, this is for u @vianyri since u were curious,,,

i use this brush to sketch out the paint layer and then use it it to paint details/clean up after the layers are merged 

Kevin Jonas is a trump supporter

other groups: *have concepts that are cute, strong, scary, hip hop, bright, innocent*
SHINee: Our concept is SHINee :D