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Siel: Part Nine


Authors Note: I’m apologizing in advance…

Sam woke up to his arms tied between two posts. His shirt was on the ground. He looked around. He was in a cave high up in the mountains.

“Hello princeling,” said a female voice.


Gavriel was stationed near Endovier to oversee the collapse of the salt mines. He had been here for the past few months.

His quarters had been breached. He unsheathed two hunting knives and opened the door.

Inside was Lyria and Ciel. They were standing, waiting, their arms crossed.

Lyria looked at him, her eyes bright and hard, “We need your help.”


Ciel looked between Lyria and Gavriel. There was a connection between them. Were they mates?

Gavriel sheathed his blades, and said, “Whatever you need, Princess. I’m yours.”

Ciel wondered if he there was a double meaning behind his words, but right now they needed to get to Sam.

“Sam has been taken captive by a legion of witches and taken to the Frozen Wastes.” Ciel said.

Alert shaded Gavriel’s tawny eyes. “Lets go get him.”

“Abraxos will be here within minutes. He will fly us to the edge of the wastes and we’ll go on foot from there.”

“It sound like a plan.”

Ciel nodded, “Let’s go.”


Sam looked at the witch and tried to burn himself free. It didn’t work.

“Your magic won’t work in this cave. There are wyrdmarks that are stifling your magic.” Taking a step up to him, “You and I are going to have a talk. And you are going to talk, or else it will get very painful for you.” A witch came out of the shadows, trailing a braided whip that had nine bards at the end, sweat started trailing down his spine.

He spat at the witch, “Fuck you, you rutting bitch. I won’t talk.”

The witch smiled, iron teeth shimmering, “Oh I was hoping you’d say that.”


In the clearing, Ciel let out a sharp whistle. Abraxos appeared, fully healed. Ready to fly the distance, hard and fast.

He looked over at lyria, “Will you be able to ride him?”

Her face was drained of color but her green eyes were vibrant, “I’ll do whatever I need to to get to my twin.”

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Hi! Could I request angry & protective Akashi, Hanamiya and Imayoshi after finding out that someone has been harassing their s/o but their s/o didn’t want to tell them because they felt like a bother? :)


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You stiffened at Akashi’s tone of voice and only sat in silence for a few seconds, thinking carefully about what to say in response. You know how terrifying your boyfriend can be if he gets too upset over something, especially things concerning you. In fact, you hated when your problems ended up bothering him, and that was why you weren’t inclined to tell him in the first place, but now clearly somehow the information had leaked out to him. “How did you find out?”

“That doesn’t matter right now, __________. Why didn’t you tell me someone was harassing you?”

“Just forget it, Seijuro, it’s not important. Really.” You stubbornly twisted your head away and refused to meet his gaze.

In the blink of an eye, Akashi’s hand shot out and grabbed your chin, not incredibly roughly, but strongly enough to forcefully turn your head back to face him so that you had nowhere to look but at his crimson eyes, usually cool and calm, but now fiery with agitation. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you, __________.”

You wanted to retort and say that the way he’s reacting now is exactly why you had tried to avoid this conversation but before you could say it aloud, you stared into his eyes and saw just the smallest flicker of hurt in them, which instantly made you swallow your words. Instead, you just decided, after a pause, on replying quietly, “… I… didn’t want to be a bother.”

Afterwards, both of you fell silent as Akashi faltered slightly upon hearing your answer.

“Listen to me, __________,” he finally said, his voice not as hard as before, and he cupped your face in his hands as he made you look at him again. “I assure you, you are never a bother, so get those thoughts out of your head right now, understood?”

Seeing that your boyfriend wasn’t in as much of a foul mood as before, your muscles lose their tension and you smile and sink into the red-haired man’s embrace, muttering into his shoulder, “…Yeah, okay.”


You had been with Imayoshi long enough to notice the smallest, most subtle differences in his usual smirk, and today you were surprised to find that the corners of his mouth had just a hint of strain as it curved into his trademark smug and nonchalant grin. He was angry.

“Is there anything you want to tell me, __________?” he asked so smoothly and calmly that anyone who wasn’t familiar with Imayoshi wouldn’t have suspected a thing about the actual mood he was masking behind laid-back demeanor.

You raised an eyebrow at him questioningly, “No…?”

Evidently, that was the wrong thing to say because one corner of your boyfriend’s mouth twitched dangerously. “Oh? Really? Because a little birdie told me someone was harassing you the other day at school.”

“Yeah, so?” Upon hearing this, you immediately relax, realizing that Imayoshi wasn’t talking about anything urgent. You still couldn’t quite understand why he was making such a big deal out of it. “I didn’t tell you because it’s really not all that important. Don’t bother yourself with it, Shouichi.”

You didn’t see it, but Imayoshi’s expression softened ever so slightly, but was quickly restored, when you mentioned that it wasn’t enough to bother him over. “Who was it? The person who harassed you.”

You just shrugged, “Some guy from the baseball team, I think.” Then, almost immediately, you frowned, sensing something ominous. “Why do you need to know?”

Imayoshi’s smirk became more relaxed and looked almost like a decent, sincere smile. “Oh? Nothing. Just wondering.”

The next morning you wake up to find a new text message from your boyfriend:

I’m going to school early today, so don’t wait for me. The basketball team has a joint morning practice with the baseball club. See you in class.

“A joint practice with the baseball club? What the fuck?” you mutter sleepily to yourself before you realized that athletic clubs don’t have practice today and then everything suddenly clicked in your head.

Oh shit.


You knew Hanamiya would find out eventually. He had eyes everywhere and he was extremely perceptive of your moods, so there was really no use denying it when he confronted you. You could tell by the look on his face, thick eyebrows drawn together and jaw set stiffly, that he was not happy as he strode up to you.

“I can explain, Makoto,” you back away from him slightly, holding your hands out in front of you innocently, but instantly felt your back bump into a wall.

Hanamiya came closer until there was but an inch of space between the two of you. “Why didn’t you tell me something so important, __________?” he spoke in a low, husky voice that did nothing to mask his anger.

You sigh, fidgeting a little before replying evenly, “I didn’t think it was worth bothering you over.” Studying his face, you noticed a hint of shock in his eyes when he heard your answer.

“Are you stupid, __________?” he asked bluntly.

Completely unfazed by his choice of words, you decided to ignore the question and smiled impishly, making an attempt to change the subject “I didn’t think you’d actually be this upset about someone harassing me. What a surprise, Makoto.”

Lips twisting into a menacing smirk, Hanamiya chose to play along upon hearing your playful tone, “What is so surprising about that? You’re mine and mine alone, so it’s only natural that I need to utterly break into pieces whoever was harassing you.”

You rolled your eyes, “There’s no need for that.” When you tried to move around Hanamiya, your boyfriend suddenly slammed his palms against the wall on either side of you, caging you in.

“Where do you think you’re going, __________? I’m not done with you yet,” Hanamiya’s voice contained innocence and sweetness but his smirk had become bigger, his eyes now a shade darker than usual, alerting you of his far from innocent thoughts.

It was embarrassing that you knew exactly what that look meant.

“I’m not letting you off so easily. For your stupidity, I’m going to have to punish you too, __________~”