Shaddy Safadi Photoshop Brushes

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THE WIRE - brush set

Mcnulty - For trees, rock cracks, loose sketching and organic shapes and textures

Daniels - For the initial block in, defining all shapes and most of the initial sketch

Freeman - For blending with texture, adding texture and softening in a non-photoshopy way.

Cutty - The only “photoshopy” brush, for making big gradients and subtle value/color shifts, NOT PAINTING

Marlow - Great for modeling forms of everything, trees rocks and people, weighted to one side, it takes care to wield

GAME OF THRONES - brush set

Ned Stark - For use with the Mixer Brush Tool (CS5 and 6). For softening edges with a nice brush stroke’y look.

Khal Drogo - Great used lightly to give rock and ground texture but also can create nice textured edges

Tyrion Lannister - When Drogo is too vulgar, Tyrion can blend elements and soften texture

Joffrey Baratheon - Great for god rays and big soft blends where Cutty would be too artificial looking

Jaime Lannister - A great texture adding and all purpose brush, has tooth and shows layers of color well.

BONUS BRUSHES - brush set

Leaf Brush - Great for leaves, bugs, sparkles, even grass with some brush tweaks. An all purpose scatter brush

Cloud Brush - great for all forms of cloud and smoke along with Freeman and Tyrion for some texture.

Just a quick doodle in Photoshop. Charles and I were watching Shaddy Safadi tutorials (which by the way, are hilarious. It sounds exactly like Vince Vaughn is teaching you how to paint better) and I was giving his brush set a little test run.

Sidenote: If I tried to wear this much makeup I’d look like a supertramp. Best leave it to the hollywood pros I guess.


A few months ago when I first did this study, I had just come across an AWESOME series of videos by Shaddy Safadi.

You can (and should) watch them here:

I have lots of resources I plan to share with you all through this blog, but if I were only allowed to share ONE THING, then it would be this. It is probably the single most helpful tutorial I have found and really helped me break through to another level of understanding with photoshop and digital illustration. Shaddy is really hilarious throughout the whole video which keeps things entertaining. I promise you will not get bored!! I re-watched this a few times. THANK YOU SHADDY. =) 

I made this photo study of Haystack Rock using the method explained in his videos. Original image is at the top!


When you are painting, you want to lose yourself in your picture and let your mind flow with the colors and shapes that you are creating. Shaddy Safadi, Art Director at One Pixel Brush, is an experienced digital painter and he shares his essential tips on how to achieve that subconscious digital painting experience. Don’t think about the tool you’re using, just about the art you’re creating.

For more tips, visit the Wacom community:



We believe that true genius is produced when great minds come together to create mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, epic work. This is why we’ve created an event where one of the most successful creative duos of the gaming industry explains and demonstrates their problem solving process and concept art production pipeline.

Shaddy Safadi and Eytan Zana have been working as a team for more than 5 years on the visual development of some of the industry’s most acclaimed video games.

Shaddy is an art director and concept artist with 14 years of experience working in the games’ industry. His designs can be seen in Naughty Dog’s award winning Last of Us and Uncharted Series. He recently started his own concept art studio, One Pixel Brush. Under Shaddy’s art direction, One Pixel Brush has created key designs for titles such as Bioshock Infinite, Ryse: Son of Rome and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Shaddy is also an experienced teacher and sought after workshop instructor all around the world.

Eytan Zana is a senior concept artist at Naughty Dog. His work includes Last of Us, all of the Uncharted series and illustrations for Magic the Gathering (AWWWWW YESSSSSSS!!!). Additionally he’s been widely recognized as a master of digital painting and his work has been featured at E3, by Imagine FX and other major industry publications.

Who’s got two thumbs and is jumping out of her trousers right now!? ME! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to understand the sophisticated thinking process of an incredible concept team.

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Also, check out our website and youtube channel for more cool stuff and post-event content.