shadar kai

The Wand of Earthquakes

Context and some prior funny shenanigans: Okay quick backstory here. The session before this one my character, a female rogue/monk half-elf former pirate, got into an argument with another player character, a male Gargoyle rogue, while the rest of the party was knocked unconscious after a brutal fight. Long story short, he stabbed my character, took away my remaining hit points and then stabilized me. While I was unconscious due to personal character story reasons my race changed to that of a homebrewed Shadar-Kai. When my character awoke in the inn we had been staying at to of all people the Gargoyle that had stabbed her she was rather pissed and not just because she had inherited stronger emotions after her race change. She punched him and then beat up on him rather comically after he told her of her apparent race change, which she was not too happy about and blamed him for. She chased him down the hall and he tried to throw a piece of beef jerky at her only for her to catch it with her deflect missiles monk feature and throw it back at him, dealing some alright damage for a piece of dry meat. Anyway, later on in the day with my character still pissed off at the Gargoyle we infiltrate this adventurer guild, who we are a good 80 percent sure are secretly a criminal organisation, this exchange takes place while searching a bedroom, from which window we snuck in. 

Me (OC): I search the draw.

DM: You find nothing but female panties and other undergarments.

Me (OC): Well that tells us what gender the person that owns this room is… I go over to the desk and start searching that. 

Gargoyle (OC): I want to lockpick this chest at the foot of the bed. (He Rolls well enough to open it with ease.)

DM:… you find what appears to be the woman’s ‘magic wand’, magically enchanted to vibrate, you all  what this is (Out of character at least). 

Gargoyle (OC): Oh shit I just realized that my character would have no idea what this is.

Gargoyle: Hey Mara (My character’s name)… you know what this is? (He holds up the ‘magic wand’)

Me: (Smirks devilishly both in and out of character as my character is female and has hinted she has experience with things like this before.) Oh… holy shit! That’s a powerful magical artifact Mason (The Gargoyle). 

Gargoyle Rogue: Really? What is it?

Me: A wand of… Earthquakes. Very powerful magic there.

Gargoyle: Cool. I should try it out right now.

Me: No don’t. Because we’re trying to be stealthy remember? And um… it only has one charge. So save it for when we really need it, okay?

Gargoyle: Sounds good.

Whole Party: Break out Laughing including the DM, the Gargoyle player and I. 

DM (OC): Wand of Earthquakes… classic. 

Gargoyle (OC): That is going to fuck us so royally. We’re going to be fighting an arch lich or something and Mason is going to pull out a bloody vibrater to fend it off only for it to shake in his hands. 

Me (OC): I had to. Mara needed her revenge.

Gargoyle (OC): So we even?

Me (OC): Out of character? I never blamed you from the start. In character? Well it will take more than just a minor prank for Mara to forgive Mason. He literally stabbed her and she is still actively blaming him for her race change. 

Gargoyle (OC): *Gulp*

A Mixed Marriage

This took place immediately after ending the Scales of War campaign and describing our epic destinies. Our party consists of a dwarven fighter, an Elven Ranger (who’s a crit machine), a half-elf cleric and her former Warlock (turned Demigoddess), and a Shadar-kai wizard.

  • DF: I pull off one of the rings from my finger and present it to [the ranger] and ask, “Will you marry me?”
  • DM: A dwarf marrying an elf? Not sure how well that would work.
  • DF: Well, I’ve been trying to impress her this whole time.
  • Me: Well, we’ve got a demigoddess and a cleric here, so there’s two people who could officiate…

(Totally shipped it.)

I got distracted from the other projects I’ve been working on lately and spent 2 days drawing this! This is Desna, my Shadar-Kai Assassin from our DnD campaign!

It’s set in a world that’s been forced to transition from old majykks to steampunk-y technology. Desna is from the shadowfell (another plane of existence) and has rifted into the story world because reasons. In our initial playthrough she teamed up with a very hodge-podge group to uncover the truth about one characters lineage and take back a manufacturing company and fuck shit up for these assholes who decided to start a civil war. Oh yeah and her face is all ganked up from getting hit in the face with a grenade and then having it stitched back together. But she is a stone cold bitch and doesn’t give a fuck.

Now Bill’s working on a new storyline (since we have a new team other than me) where she will be dealing with sky-pirates and dragonborn and other cool shit. I’m really fucking excited to start playing with Jordan, Megan, Ethan, and Abby because I can tell this is going to be a good adventure :3