We spend our lives searching, like scavengers finding a way, 
Understanding that light is a sign of the day.
So we squint in the darkness in search of a glow,
And falter in trying, 
In trials we grow.
Our hearts they seem broken,
Our legs they are weak,
Our tongues are exhausted from trying to speak.
‘Cause sometimes they listen, 
But often they don’t.
We easily help,
But more often we won’t.
Because we constructed the things that we want,
Ghosts are desires,
Desire to haunt.
But our need as below so above
What we all want
Should look a little more 
Like love.

Shad & Skratch Bastid

Life is like copyright: gotta understand the laws
Sample Kenny Rog, so you know when you’re handed cards

From the hands of God, when you can and can’t scam the odds
Camel jaw spittin’ on some analog Yahamas
Random pause, Slay like Santa Claus
Landing cannonballs on some poor rapper’s phantom car

and large bank withdrawals, Kid with the flannel draws
5-panel on with slang hotter than Panama

Scratch like a panda’s claw, standing tall: man in charge
Telling my brethren “Yo! this land is y'alls”
Fan of flaws, That’s why my band of brothers’ band is raw
Jamming songs in a crammed garage on some amped guitars
Till some fandom blog puts us on to Dance with Stars
Tandem tango with Marilyn Manson and some slammin’ broads

Hows this for a tight end: Shannon Sharpe
Beats straight Kabangin' and the man flow demand applause