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Blodwyn Pig: Ahead Rings Out (1969)

Blodwyn Pig is one of those bands that’s just about ancient, obscure, oddly-named, and British enough to, at first mention, seem like an imaginary parody group associated with a future member of Spinal Tap.

But of course they were very real, if short-lived, and their driving force wasn’t named St. Hubbins or Tufnell, but Abrahams – as in erstwhile Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams.

After losing a power struggle with Ian Anderson after just one Tull LP, 1968’s This Was, Abrahams found himself a more agreeable co-conspirator in dual-threat saxophonist/flautist Alan Lancaster, and together they explore a more academic view of the blues on the jaunty, B.B. King-recalling “It’s Only Love” and the deliberate country slides of “Dear Jill” and “The Change Song.”

Not to be pigeonholed, however, Blodwyn Pig (which was completed by drummer Ron Berg and bassist Andy Pyle, later of Savoy Brown, Wishbone Ash, the Kinks, and others) quickly reveal broader ambitions with the jazz techniques of “The Modern Alchemist” and the flute-enhanced “Leave it with Me.” *

But my blood really starts boiling when Abrahams wields his axe for battle, cranking up his attack and guitar distortion on “Walk on Water,” “See My Way” (complete with bolero section!) and “Summer Day” – all of which were interestingly exclusive to the album’s U.S. pressing, seen here.

And you know what they say say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery (if not royalties)? Well, check out the hypnotic hammering delivered by “Ain’t Ya Coming Home?” and you’ll note it was shamelessly cannibalized by Black Sabbath for “Fairies Wear Boots”! **

Such is the frequently frustrating fate endured by bands that are currently residing in the “where are they now” file, but don’t let that dissuade you from exploring Ahead Rings Out – it’s a keeper.

* This song and two others were used on the U.K. pressing, and mine is the American version.

** To be fair, Blodwyn Pig’s “Summer Day,” cited above, appears to borrow its intro from Spooky Tooth’s “Better by You, Better than Me,” released six months earlier, proving everything is recycled in rock and roll.

More British Blues: Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On, Savoy Brown’s Street Corner Talking, Chicken Shack’s Imagination Lady, Juicy Lucy’s Juicy Lucy, Ten Years After’s Cricklewood Green.



The Chilean School for the Magically Inclined is located on what is commonly known as the lost island of the Chiloé Archipelago. Students are transported to and fro on a hulking ship that navigates the skies and the seas, with pristine sails as white as the clouds it soars through, and cozy cabins lined with fluffy pillows and comfy couches. Many have speculated the school’s ship is indeed the ghost ship, the Caleuche, of popular muggle folklore, which always appears with sounds of a party on board, although it is unknown as to whether the myth pre-dates the employment of the school’s ship or vice versa. Nevertheless, students have taken to calling the ship the Caleuche, and will often throw wild parties on the deck to “entertain that silly muggle story”or so they say. Much like platform 9 and ¾, the port is only accessible by witches and wizards through magical means. In this case, the portal is a series of rickety little shacks scattered throughout the country. The island on which the school is located is guarded by an imbunche who lives in a cave that lies just outside the perimeter of school campus. Although he often comes into contact with the wizarding community, he has not acquired any magical knowledge, although that has not stopped certain ill-meaning people from trying to use him as an instrument for revenge. 

he decides he just really wants to be a hermit. quits his job and disappears off into a shack on a cheap plot of land in nowhere country, self-powered solar (+ thermal storage) house. Sends regular updates to family but just drops off the map really. He goes for groceries in his electric car once or twice a month, decides to get a pet and adopts a middle-aged one that dies with an unfortunate doggy condition three years in, he cries SO much and vows never to have one again.

i got mildly high last night and wrote a bunch of blatant self insert porn to reward myself for productivity, except I wrote more about the guy’s zero emissions hermit lifestyle than I did the noncon this is all setup for

Knowing You, Ch 10: Kiss

“O-Obi?” Voice cracking and hushed, she’s not sure if she can trust the tired voice swirling pleasantly within her. Perhaps this is just another step into the chaos that’s been edging her mind. Maybe this is where she jumps off into the deep end, never to resurface in the sane world again.

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People seem to like those AUs where Keith can sing, but what if… he sang country music? But all the old music, because the only stations Keith could get living alone in the shack were the old ones that played classic country.

Imagine the pain and the suffering the rest of the team would have to endure while he sings Alabama when he has to clean the pods. Only Allura and Coran wouldn’t understand why they all groan and complain when Keith is assigned cleaning duty. But they all hate cleaning more, so they just let him do it. Even if it means they gotta endure hours of “Devil went Down to Georgia.”


Buddy Guy - One Room Country Shack (1978)


On Wednesday we had the unique privilege of welcoming Randy Garutti, CEO of shakeshack, to the Tumblr offices in New York. Yes, he brought lunch. Yes, it was delicious. And yes, we got to ask him some questions. 

How would you describe the Shake Shack brand? And how do you instill that brand into your stores, suppliers, and marketing efforts?

With everything we do, we stay true to our focus: Shake Shack is a modern day “roadside” burger stand and community gathering place. We incorporate this into the Shack in so many ways: molding each restaurant to uniquely fit that community, creating a warm environment, encouraging guests to kick back and stay awhile, inviting the community in by hosting our monthly running club Shack Track & Field and table tennis tournaments. 

Shake Shack started with a small stand in Madison Square Park (just around the corner from Tumblr Global HQ) and now has stores in Dubai and Moscow. How was opening your 50th store different from opening your second?

Our next Shack isn’t just another Shack to us: it’s its own special, unique restaurant in a new neighborhood. In every neighborhood we’ve opened in, from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Miami Beach to Harvard Square in Boston, we develop deep ties to the community, become a part of the dialogue, and work with charity organizations, community centers, and local neighborhood partners. 

Community is at the core of Shake Shack, and in each new locale our team is incredibly dedicated and involved in ensuring Shake Shack plays an active role and proves a vibrant addition to the fabric and culture. We just opened our first Shack in Chicago, and it was one of our biggest openings yet!

Obviously word of mouth helped drive Shake Shack’s rapid expansion, but as you open more and more stores do you find you have to work harder to get your message out there?

We’re grateful to have a passionate fan base that’s excited to share what we do every day with their friends on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media. The fun part for us has been to have an ongoing conversation with guests online, in addition to in our Shacks, and especially to see the content they’re creating and sharing with the world.

So much of the Shake Shack brand is connected to the quality of the food. How do you manage to stay at that level when sourcing ingredients for international locations?

We have a dedicated supply chain team for our international Shacks who works hard to make sure you’re getting that same Shack taste around the world. Our Culinary Director Mark Rosati has racked up lots of frequent flyer miles by visiting all the Shacks across the globe. He’s happy though, he’s gotten to eat his way through a lot of cities. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 

By the way, does the menu change at all from country to country? If so, what would you recommend to someone visiting an international Shack?

We’ve kept all the Shack classics, but each country has a local twist. In London’s Covent Garden Shake Shack we’ve teamed up with Fergus Henderson’s St. JOHN Bakery on a few concretes, and we’ve got an awesome concrete in Istanbul called Pistachio in the Park with crumbled fresh pistachios. 

Thanks for taking time today. Before you go, would you like to announce any upcoming menu additions right here on Tumblr?

No news to share at the moment, but we’re always cooking up something new, whether it’s a permanent menu item or a cool collab like the recent “Layer Shake” with our ice cream pals over at Big Gay Ice Cream. Stay tuned…

Third time lucky

As many of my followers will know I’ve been doing a bit of a binge watch of Still and Alone lately for obvious reasons. And because of a great deal of boredom at work and a number of small chats with swiftsnowmane, I started to notice a pattern both for Daryl and Beth and Bethyl. I looked to see if anyone else had written anything about the rule of three as pertaining to The Walking Dead but I came up empty-handed, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. I have likely missed some very salient points. If you are not interested in Bethyl, this is not for you. Also this is my first ever actual meta in about 10 years and I am very out of practice writing these things, so be kind.


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Reo | 18 | Thief

  • personality-wise is basically the same as canon!reo EXCEPT he’s more willing to party with others if necessary, more calculative
  • total opposite personality with his sister (like he teases her and laughs with her and its creepy to people who are used to hanging around his serious self)
  • supplies his sister’s shop with stolen items/ always around Bandit Country to steal from traveling merchants and Prisca to steal local exports (thats why he has a desert-like??? outfit www)
  • Skills (?) idk yet but I want him to be super fast/quick like a ninja

Kari | 14 | Merchant

  • Made her a little older cause idk it’d be weird if an 8 year old ran a shop lol
  • sweet and responsible; lectures her brother a lot for never coming to visit or always missing
  • knows that her store is filled with stolen goods… but hey she gets good money off of it
  • doesn’t know how to fight but in order to protect herself she uses special potions she hoards
  • (This part I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but Kari is one of those like… black market merchants? So idk where the black market is wwwww//orz) but she has like her own mini shack on the outskirts of Callea but close to Bandit Country i guess hehe

I had a backstory and all (for in-game plot), but since this AU is like SAO/.hack idk if it would make sense wwww so for now Reo and Kari use this game to escape reality (subject to change)

Home, by frank_delargy

An abandoned house on a country road in the middle of Florida. A view I saw on Google maps and had planned to try to get to to photograph the milky way ‘some day’. Last night, 'some day’ came as it was a new moon with a great milky way and a clearing in the clouds that might last a few hours … and the peak night for the Perseid meteor shower. I managed to find the house and managed to see a few meteors but was unable to capture one in this location. I saw over 20 through the night and was able to capture one about 3:30 AM in a different location though.