shac 7


“Standing Up for Your Beliefs in the Face of Government Repression” – presented by Josh Harper (at NDF 2011)

Josh Harper is a former political prisoner who was charged with, and convicted of, violations of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and interstate telecommunications conspiracies for two speeches he gave about the use of electronic civil disobedience. Him and his co-defendants were known as the SHAC 7, after the group they were accused of being a part of- Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. Josh was sentenced to 3 years in Federal Prison, where the Bureau of Prisons labeled me a “domestic terrorist.” Josh will be giving a workshop that he says is “less of a ‘know your rights’, and more of an event about ripping down the layers of empty cheerleading, martyr complex bullshit, and glorification…a tale about how beliefs are worth fighting for, but you have to first know in your heart what you are facing and where you set your limits.”


New episode by the stimulator. If you are unaware of his videos, I highly suggest you check them out.  This week he covers the Texas blockade, Nobel peace prize failure, more Greek riots and resistance, the Cleveland 4, the Grand Jury resisters, Shac 7, oppression on political beliefs.