"To explore the far reaches of the inner realms one must understand one’s true nature. Perhaps it is not entirely the fault of modern man that he does not understand his own inner universe. He has achieved much, and if such concepts escape his own consciousness it is because he has no flaming falcon of the spirit on his fist to soar beyond the confining reaches of the intellect. Men have journeyed to the physical moon, but they know nothing of the regions of the blissful music within themselves — regions which lie beyond the moon, beyond the sun, beyond the most distant stars and galaxies." (George Arnsby Jones, "The Pilgrimage of James — An Odyssey of Inner Space")

7 Levels or Stages of Inner Sound Meditation (the Yoga of Sound) Described in the Shurangama Sutra, a Buddhist Scripture

“The Buddha taught me to enter samadhi [deep meditation, union, absorption] through a process of listening. I began with a practice based on the nature of hearing:

(1) First I redirected my hearing inward in order to enter the current of the sages.

(2) Then external sounds disappeared.

(3) With its direction reversed and with sounds stilled, both sounds and silence cease to arise.

(4) So it was that, as I gradually progressed, what I heard and my awareness of what I heard came to an end. Even when that state of mind in which everything had come to an end disappeared, I did not rest.

(5) My awareness and the objects of my awareness were emptied, and when that process of emptying my awareness was wholly complete, then even that emptying and what had been emptied vanished.

(6) Coming into being, and ceasing to be, themselves, ceased to be.

(7) Then the ULTIMATE STILLNESS was revealed.”