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PODCAST: Spiritual Awakening Radio, Program 1190: Poetry of Kabir:
A program of Kabir poetry readings using Rabindranath Tagore’s Songs of Kabir, plus a passage from the Gospel of Thomas, and verses from Hazrat Sultan Bahu… all musically accompanied with the sounds of the veena (an instrument used in Indian classical ragas) along with hymns/bhajans of Kabir.

Kabhi kabhi hum jo feel karte hai, woh express nahi kar paate. Feeling kabhi kabhi itni… khoobsurat hoti hai, ki uske liye sahi shabd nahi mil paate. Isliye humein “Aw.” kehna padta hai. Aur is “Aw.” mein itni saari feelings hoti hai; excitement hota hai, surprise hota hai… Bohut saare emotions hote hai. Bohut baar yeh itna kuch keh jaata hai, jo hum nahi keh paate.

Kal jo tumne mujhse kaha, mujhe bohut achcha laga. Main itna khush ho gaya, ki mujhe samajh hi nahi aaya ki main react kaise karoon. Right words jab nahi milte na, tab aapke mooh se “Aw.” nikalta hai. Aw.
—  Shivaay Singh Oberoi

You Permeate All, Yet Why Aren’t You Perceived? (Padavali of Maharshi Mehi)

Why aren’t You (God) seen, O spark of the eyes[1], O Beloved of all?
Why are You not grasped by senses, though You enliven the Individual Soul[2]? ||1||
You pervade every particle of the body from top to toes. |
Yet why are You not caught though You fill every atom of Cosmos? ||2||
All forms are Yours, still You are Formless!
Subtler are mind and intellect, why even these are helpless? ||3||
As space spreads evenly, within and without a pot. |
So You permeate all, yet why aren’t You perceived? ||4||
Between You and own Self, he who can erase the dualism …|
All his doubts, O Mehi, get dissolved; he becomes You and You become him. ||5||

[1] The eyes appear to be seeing, but actually these derive the power to see from the current of consciousness connected to God. If that current of consciousness leaves the eyes they are rendered useless. Hence, God, whose current of consciousness keeps pervading all our senses, has been referred as the spark or the jewel of eyes.

[2] Individual Soul is also called Jiva-atma. It refers to the un-liberated Individual Soul. The Pure Soul when attached with the ephemeral antaHkaran or internal organs (Mind, Intellect, Chitta and Ego) is termed as Jiva-atma or Un-liberated Individual Soul. Though the Soul is unchanging, indestructible and beyond changing states of pain and pleasure, the Jiva-atma because of its association with the mind, intellect, etc… becomes trapped into a state of illusory bondage and also experiences pain and pleasure and undergoes the painful transmigratory cycle. If the Individual Soul can, tactfully, shed all the illusory veils that keep it shrouded, it comes into its pure state which is the same as that of God, ending all dualistic experiences. That tact which helps the Soul regain its free state is inner meditation.

An English translation of a verse (verse No. 34) composed by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj taken from his book “Mehi Padavali” (Elixir Verses of Maharshi Mehi).

– Translated by Pravesh K. Singh

Rise to the Higher Planes of Consciousness

There is an ocean of nectar within you,
which you can drink
just by withdrawing your consciousness inside.
Burn away the world, push your way into the inner sky
and recognize the palace by inner signs.
Enshrine the image of the Master in your heart –
why degrade yourself wandering around
in the company of the mind?
Keep listening to the never-ending melody of Shabd
and the Master will accomplish everything for you.

People of the world go crazy
with rituals and superstition –
why should you go along with them?
Take charge of your soul
and keep the company of Saints –
why mix poison with nectar?
Your home, dear soul, is in the inner regions,
so why tie yourself down to the physical?
Quick, rise to the higher planes of consciousness,
so says Radhasoami.

– Soami Ji Maharaj (Shiv Dayal Singh), Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Agra

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Mine is the path of love and devotion, and the transcendence of surat [the soul] and Shabd [the Sound Current].
—  Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry

7 Levels or Stages of Inner Sound Meditation (the Yoga of Sound) Described in the Shurangama Sutra, a Buddhist Scripture

“The Buddha taught me to enter samadhi [deep meditation, union, absorption] through a process of listening. I began with a practice based on the nature of hearing:

(1) First I redirected my hearing inward in order to enter the current of the sages.

(2) Then external sounds disappeared.

(3) With its direction reversed and with sounds stilled, both sounds and silence cease to arise.

(4) So it was that, as I gradually progressed, what I heard and my awareness of what I heard came to an end. Even when that state of mind in which everything had come to an end disappeared, I did not rest.

(5) My awareness and the objects of my awareness were emptied, and when that process of emptying my awareness was wholly complete, then even that emptying and what had been emptied vanished.

(6) Coming into being, and ceasing to be, themselves, ceased to be.

(7) Then the ULTIMATE STILLNESS was revealed.”