shabby plays my forged wedding

I’m getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too used to seeing this for long periods of time.

Loading time takes forever, and it doesn’t help that it uses an internet connection to play it, so I’m wasting data just on the loading, too. The game crashes every now and then during some loading times, and if I choose too many Options buttons, the in-game sound will just shut off for some reason. Same goes for Pirates in Love, but that one doesn’t take forever and a year to load and it doesn’t crash while loading. (Which I can understand since MFW has a lot more content (more sprites, music, etc.) than PiL has.)

I really would have loved it if these games were just downloaded onto the phone and didn’t have to rely on internet connection to play. That would get rid of the loading problem, and I would also like to keep the game once my phone service transfers to another (downgraded) cell phone so that I can keep playing it on the same device. (I don’t know if I would still be able to play it with Wi-Fi without phone service on the thing, but I’m assuming it won’t let me.) I also don’t want to think of the possibility of Voltage going out of business and no longer supporting any of the games they release.


Ah well. Can’t do anything about it for now, so I’ll just ENDURE IT YEAH!

NOTE: I wrote this earlier this week while doing finals work for college and added it to my Queue to be published on Monday, but I thought it’d be best to publish today it since the April 26/27 update just came out. There was no note on what exactly the update did other than have the pop-up “Two more characters will be released at a later date” when opening the app. The loading doesn’t seem as bad, though maybe I’m imagining it. I’m also unable to complete Story 7 and continue from there in Saeki’s route since it keeps crashing while it loads. I don’t know if it is a problem that came with the update, but I hope I can find a solution for it soon.