shabby chic fashion

Fashion do's and don't for 2015.

2014 was all about having lots of eye make-up, dyed hair, over the top nails, and wild clothes and shoes. But now that it’s 2015 everything is going to be simple simple simple. 


Don’t- Ombre your hair.

Do- Keep it one color.


Don’t- Wear a crop top with your leggings.

Do- Wear more all black outfits.


Don’t- Have long crazy nails.

Do- Keep it shorter and simple with the color.


Don’t- Go Crazy with eyeliner

Do-Keep eye make simple but go for a bold lip color


Don’t-Jelly shoes.. as cute as they can be should stay in the 80’s

Do- Stick with a chic heel.

As long as you keep everything chic and simple 2015 will be your fashion year! xoxo