Shaar oil field back with the Syrian Army soon

Official Syrian news channels just announced that the Syrian Army was able to regain control of most of Al Shaar oil field that the ISIS attacked and seized control over it few days ago.

Getting back this oil field is very important to the Syrian people as it feeds most of the electricity stations that supply Homs and Damascus.

Soon it will back to the Syrians and the blackouts will stop 

Gunaah ka bhoj jo gardaan pai hum utaa ke chale

Khuda ke ahge khijalat se, sar jhuka ke chale

Milla jinay unay ustaad-e-gi se aauj mila

Unhi nay khayi hai tauhkar, jo sar uta ke chale

Anees, daam ka bharoosa nahi, tehr jao

Chiraag laykay kahan samne hawa ke chale?

— Mir Anees

#Syria : this child’s face tells you all you need to know about Assad’s reforms.

A frightened child stands in the street after a Syrian government artillery shell destroyed his family home in the Shaar neighbourhood of Aleppo, on October 13, 2012. Syria’s army retook control on October 14, 2012, of a historic mosque in second city Aleppo after fierce clashes with rebels in and around the area, a military official and an observer group said. (Zac Baillie/AFP/Getty Images)

Sons of the father
Damian, Skaar and Daken …..sons of three of the most well known heroes in comic industry ( Batman, Hulk and Wolverine respectively). Are they destined to rule the earth after their fathers have died? will they take up the mantle and fight the good fight? or will they try to tear down want their fathers have tried so hard up hold any chance they get? 

At this point Damian is trying to do the right thing somewhat by becoming Robin and assisting in his father’s crusade against crime. However he still has that assassin’s mentality and would kill where his father would not. 

Daken has proven that he is the total opposite to Wolverine and he is willing to do what it takes to end his father. No father/son bonding has gotten through to him but his goals are clear, destroy his father and build an empire unheard of. 

Skaar came to earth to kill his father for the death of his mother and the destruction caused on his home world. Giving the chance and the resources Skaar would have destroyed the earth to achieve his goals however he has taken to the side of good (for now).

These three are just examples of the children some heroes produce that can make this world a better place or bring it to it’s knees.


07/08/2012 Aleppo, #Syria *EXTREMELY GRAPHIC*: Leg amputation surgery was done to an injured civilian in Al-Shaar field hospital in Aleppo.

‘Boys Keep Swinging,’ a brilliant, challenging single, had paid the price for hitting its audience harder than its audience was prepared to be hit at just the moment when a bowdlerized, boneless variation on earlier Bowie themes had presented itself for consumption in the shape of Gary Numan.
—  Charles Shaar Murray and Roy Carr, Bowie: An Illustrated Record, 1981.
#Syria rebels say captured 100 troops: activists


Syrian rebels say they have captured 100 regime soldiers and militia members during fighting in the city of Aleppo in the north of the country, according to a video distributed by Syrian activists on Friday.

The video, which shows dozens of men in civilian clothing seated in a courtyard, was filmed by a man who describes himself as a member of the rebel Free Syrian Army.

The captured men tell the camera that they are members of the Syrian army and the “shabiha” pro-regime militia.

“I am Colonel Mohammed Rashid Mohammed al-Mhmeid… I was arrested at the entrance of Aleppo,” one of the men says.

“I am Captain Fuad al-Hosh, commander of the Aleppo police in Shaar district. I was captured when I left my post,” another said.

One man identified himself as a member of the shabiha, saying he was captured in Hanano in Aleppo and had “killed a demonstrator.”

Rebel fighters and Syrian troops have been massing in the city of Aleppo for a major battle that sources said could come as early as Friday or Saturday.

The two sides have already been battling in part of the city, including the southern Salaheddin neighbourhood.


Zack Shaar - City 21

The signs as Jewish day schools in New York:
  • Aries:Park East Day School
  • Taurus:Alisa M. Flatow Yeshiva High School
  • Gemini:Etz Chaim Yeshiva (Manhattan)
  • Cancer:Hebrew Academy of Long Beach
  • Leo:Solomon Schechter High School of New York
  • Virgo:Yeshiva Derech HaTorah
  • Libra:Hebrew Academy of Nassau County
  • Scorpio:Yeshivat Shaare Torah
  • Sagittarius:Rambam Mesivta
  • Capricorn:Rabbi Jacob Joseph School
  • Aquarius:Yeshivah of Flatbush
  • Pisces:East Side Hebrew Institute

Великий врач Дэвид Эпплбаум (или Давид Аппельбаум, как его здесь называли) создал в Шаарей Цедек систему неотложной помощи, заточенной под единовременное массовое поступление пострадавших при теракте. 9 сентября 2003 года он вместе с 19-летней дочерью погиб при взрыве в кафе «Гиллель» #Иерусалим #Израиль (at Shaare Zedek Medical Center)


Zack Shaar - Limo

Syria: Opposition says some Assad officials can have role in future government

Syria: Opposition says some Assad officials can have role in future government

Vendors sell produce along a damaged street, during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, in Aleppo’s Al-Shaar neighborhood on June 27, 2015.
(Reuters/Abdalrhman Ismail)


Asharq Al-Awsat—Syria’s armed opposition has said it is willing to allow technocratic members of President Bashar Al-Assad’s cabinet to participate in any future transitional government.

Rami Dalati, a member of the Free…

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Israel: Day after stabbing attack, border policeman in stable condition - 22 June 2015

The 20-year-old border policeman who was stabbed on Sunday in a terror attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem was reported to be in in stable condition and out of immediate danger on Monday.
When the wounded guard, named Raz, arrived to the trauma center at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Sunday, he had no heartbeat. The stab wounds he suffered on both sides of the chest caused heavy bleeding and halted his heartbeat.
He underwent surgery to repair the injury in the trauma center and is in the intensive care department, attached to a respirator and under anesthesia, the hospital reported.