Crown of Empress Xiao of the Sui Dynasty (隋朝) has been restored by Shaanxi province archaeologists. This is by far one of the most intact relic unearthed that belonged to figure of such high ranking.

According to CCTV China, the crown was unearthed in March 2013 at Yangzhou. The crown was discovered in one of the two brick walled tombs which was later identified to be the tombs of Emperor Yangdi of Sui(隋煬帝), the second emperor of the short lived Sui dynasty, and his wife, Empress Xiao (蕭后).

Two arches cross each at top of the dome-shaped crown supported by three levels of rings created the simple yet sturdy structure of the crown. The crown is made of a dozen of luxurious materials including gold, bronze, pearls and white marbles (漢白玉).

Photos by CCTV China And Xinhua net

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