"For A Special Lady, From Her Number One Fan"

Citizens of Dal
The destruction averted
Defying makers

Algalon beaten
The herald sent to judge us
Cold logic condemns

Power of free will
This is a world worth saving
Our lives worth living

Sincerely, Rho-nooo
(To Shaadren, from Ys and Tel)
(Come back, we miss you)

Niala is going to have a hay day with the night bourne buddy faction. Like. “Yo, dude. You remember that time before the Sundering when that thing happened?” “Yes, cousin elf, that was quite grand! Let’s talk magic!” “Okay!” Old people just talking about the days of their youth. Totally gonna be legit. Also. @mad-maddie, can we go naga killing together? Niala will just be soooo excited to do elf things in Legion. Angry huntress is the perfect companion for Niala for a lot of murder cause they’re both old! Niala needs some pre-Sundering friend to chat with about all these old people lore and enemy things. :x