An updated Shaadren art, post-6.2/Tanaan. Her time on Draenor as a rookie Warden was unpleasant, forced into neutrality following a mage around and Cordana Felsong fleeing under Gul’dan’s corruption, on top of the causalities. She’s stepped down from her position due to her age and lack of prior, centuries’-worth training holding her and her unit back and…general malcontent with how things were handled (thanks writers).

She is back to full-time hunting and outrunning and doing whatever else she can do to assist Darnassus and Kalimdor until perhaps a future time when being a part of the Watchers is more appropriate.

With any luck she’ll finally have a naga-themed expansion to run around in soon so I can further more of her character story. Until then she is just going to be a grumpy lady picking off naga and whatever else she stumbles upon on land.

A thing I enjoy doing in WoW RP is that when someone is talking or emoting at Shaadren should they have the AUDACITY to speak to my cranky hobo, and they make any mention of “looking down” at her or that they have a looming figure and just generally try to establish some sort of unnecessary height dominance I check their height in their MRP and then immediately edit Shaadren’s so she’s exactly one inch taller than them, not that they notice but sometimes they do and go ???

Shaadren “Sometimes I’m Suddenly 10'1” Fuck You” Sharpthorn