It’s the little things you’ll never forget.
When the world faces to black, her smile will live on in the constellations.
You think, no matter what, you will always hold onto the way she whispered your name, like you were her secret to keep.
You’re the only one who truly knows her, who knows how her nose crinkles on sunny days, how she dreams more during the day than the night.
Sometimes, you think you are falling in love with it all over again, drowning in the whirlpools of her eyes, breathing in her scent every second, loving her with everything you have.
This is how you want to live.
—  The Little Things
I knew I could love you when
I first saw you tired. 
Your eyes were drooping shut 
and your smile was fading because
all that light burned up too 
much energy. You slumped into 
me as you slept and I could 
feel your warm, steady breath on 
my skin, barely there, like 
a whisper in the night. When I 
wrapped my arm around
you and pulled you closer to me, 
I had a flash of what forever
meant; I saw thousands of nights
ahead of me. In every last 
one of them, I was holding you like this.
—  Sleep by Auriel Haack

But okay imagine in the au:

– air benders did not go extinct unlike in atla & pre-season 3 lok but being the smallest of the bending race, their nomadic lifestyle stopped and their culture has been mixed with different nations (ex. Northern Airbenders nomads integrated into the northern water tribe)

– orphaned Karin & Naruto, Karin being street smart nonbender and Naruto the undiscovered avatar (atm they both he’s just some Airbender nomad’s bastard). Dreams of probending despite not having the ability at the moment to bend the required elements.

– Hinata the daughter of legendary hyuuga clan, a line of accomplished fire benders who brought the world to the new age with letting their knowledge of basic lightning bending being more public. Hinata being a fire bender with the inability to produce lightning bend but has the hidden talent of redirecting it. High interest of the now abandoned air nation culture & visit the now relic temples.

– Sakura, a water bender raised in a mostly earth bending village. Very rough style of bending water and very capable healer. Comes to the big city to learn more about the world but when she realize she doesn’t have enough hirable skills to make it, she turns to probending as a temporary members to a number teams to make end meet.

– Sasuke, a son of diplomat with too much time on his hands. Joins a number of probending teams but never last long, often leaving in aggorance or the teammates not putting up with his haughty attitude. But his aggressive style of fire bending shown he isn’t a member to miss out on.

– Karui, a water bender from the north and from upper class society of the northern water tribe, taking up residence with the Hyuugas while she stay in the city. She’s good friends with Hinata and lacks skills in healing… but makes up with almost magical abilities of ice bending and turning water into a weapon.

B^) you can get that hoodlum x heiress story with Naruto and Hinata. Hinata and Karui sneak out to down town, hoping to catch the latest probending match since it’s the main attraction to the city and Karui always wanted to see them in person. During the heat of the match, where the crowd was abuzz with excitement and cheering, Karin and Naruto were making their pick pocketing rounds.

They make a mistake of attempting to pick pocket Karui, she notices and chases after the two with Hinata (worriedly) on her tail. Maybe both are wearing disguises. Or at least Hinata so she wouldn’t be recognized. There’s a scuffle, Karui manages to catch Naruto while Karin sneaks away and pin him with her ice. Hinata finally catches up and insist Karui should let him go– “It’s not much, what he took, certainly nothing that’ll be missed!” – and she begrudgingly does. Hinata goes over to Naruto check on him and is taken back to witness him use his air bending abilities to dry himself off.

Cue her being flustered (in excitement) because she never seen an Airbender in person.

Cue Naruto being stunned with talking to the (very pretty) Hyuuga Heiress, in person, talking to him. Just his luck, this was the person he try to steal from.