mirthalia asked:

Ladrien, silver.

part 10

THANK YOU @mirthalia FOR THE BETA!!!

It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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yo magic peeps. question.

where in the color pie, were a card like this were to be printed, would the ability “Target player skips his or her next turn,” sit?

First instinct says blue because temporal effects sit predominantly in blue, but could it fit anywhere else? it feels like it could possibly be a a high-costed but aggressive move for red, but also a modification on black’s Worst Fears/Mindslaver effects?

I’d summon the flavorum or something but I don’t have that power so @flavoracle ?

The Grammy’s are in a few days, and I have absolutely nothing planned. I don’t know what dress I should wear, I don’t know how I should do my hair… Oh shoot, I don’t even know who’s gonna watch my kids while I’m there!

kittfox15 asked:

So based on Tony's ten rules do Steve and Bucky basically become Tony's uncles/adoptive(or self proclaimed) fathers/guardians? Between the Seeing Things You Will Never Un See and the night time comfort I feel like Steve would be a bit paternal to him

Bucky:  Steve, WHEN did we adopt Stark Jr.?

Steve:  Right about the time I learned Howard was a total shit to him?

Bucky:  Remind me to punch Howie in the dick when we finally get to see him.

Steve:  Sure, after I deck him first.

Bucky:  So which of us is going to tell Tony that he’s basically our firstborn?

Steve:  ** grins **