A road to the Light

Often Thusia trusted no one, Lightless or Bearer of it alike, but this time, driven by her ever present curiosity, she decided to follow one with confidence.

Back in her Ketch thanks for the help of the Eliksni Guardian, she prepared herself to see for the first time the long sung Great Machine and the place where it now rests. The Tower.

“Sir? Do you think I can go out like this?” She asked as she back at his ship ready with her finest dresses, one very suitable for a Kell than for a Baroness that she is. Beads and other rafinate jewellery adornes her figure dressed with the distinctive “Wolf Blue” of the House, a typical royal one.
“I have no weapon on me, don’t worry, no Sha'ir shall think of me as a threat.”
Then she looks at him in a serious way, concerned. “Are you really sure to bring me, a Wanted one, at the Tower so flawlessly?”

((A continue of a RolePlay with @askseltikkellofsteel ^^ ))


Peep this vid from the homies Sha'ir for Assembly Line bout making the perfect chick


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