Sha'ir - Assembly Line

          Honesty. I beleive that honesty is what separates the real from the fake, especially in Hip Hop. This is real Hip Hop. Sha'ir, out of Brooklyn, New York represent real Hip Hop. New York has been on a tear as of late in its output of talented Hip Hop acts and these guys fit the description.

          Assembly line is a chill song along the lines of A Tribe called Quest or Lupe Fiasco. Easy listening and highly enjoyable as these artists lyrically depict how they would “build” their perfect girl. This is a song that makes u feel young again as the rap groups Varsity Team type chemistry is apparent throughout the video and song. Cool out to this one. You can follow them on twitter @shair2G, Tumblr, and Facebook as well.



Peep this vid from the homies Sha'ir for Assembly Line bout making the perfect chick


Shameless promotion of my godbrother and his friends.
Listen. Love it. 

(Btw my godbrother is the one in the wife beater. He’s excellent.)

Sha'ir, as shown on sferywiki.

While commonly known as a character class in Dungeons and Dragons, sha'irs were also a type of adviser in the Arab world. They were a type of poet, believed to communicate with the djinn in order to perform acts of divination. In addition to working as advisers, they were seen as sources of inspiration for soldiers. In this way, there were like a combination of Greek Oracle and Norse Skaldr.

Their decline coincided with the rise of Islam; not surprising, considering Islamic views of using djinn for magic.