sha of despair

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It was a reckless night. Although no rain came, there was still thunder from the ominous dark clouds and the howling wind seemed to never cease.

Visions bombarded Sirenia’s mind. Images, sounds, whispers, cries, screams combined into a nightmare too horrible to imagine for the young dragon. She tossed and turned, mindlessly clutching the sheets and kicking. Tears she didn’t know she was crying, streaked down her freckled cheeks. She couldn’t wake up, the images shown over and over again, accept in more vivid colors than any other night before. Screams, some draconic, some human, and some she could only imagine to be from the sickening creatures of the Old Gods, rang like bells in her head.

White tendrils of glowing energy came up through the floor boards, and enveloped around her. Like snakes, they withered, slithered, and wrapped themselves around her, seeping into her very being.

There on the bed, the energy took over her. Her hands grew into black and white, oozing claws that were too big for her. Long glowing spikes began to rapidly form at the top of her head and travel down the vertebrae of her spine. Scars, that ran all across her body in wavy lines, that she had had ever since birth, now glowed with dripping white foggy energy.

Suddenly, feelings of doubt, fear, and sadness flooded her mind, heart, and soul, entirely. Finally, her eyes opened. But they weren’t the same softly amber glowing eyes of her own. These where mindless orbs of pure white.

Emotions of depression, anguish, and hopelessness so overwhelming gripped at her heart. And she continued to silently cry. She stood up sobbing. With her shoulders hunched over, and her head hung low, she trudged herself out of her room and down the hall. As she made her way to the end of the hall, she opened up the door to the wooden balcony. She didn’t even care how the wind had taken the doors from her grasp and slammed them open against the walls. She walked to the edge of the balcony. I should jump… an echoic version of her voice whispered to her. Sirenia  leaned over the balcony’s railing, looking down at the dark grass, 3 stories below. She propped her elbows on the railing, burying her face into her claw-like hands she began to unleash eerie, echoing cries, that became drowned out by the thunder that clapped across he sky.

The white tendrils down her back began to grow in length. Little did she know, that her inner shas were eating away at her, from the outside, in.


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Lyren did not like Krasarang Wilds. He hadn’t liked it when they had been wandering through Valley of the Four Winds and glanced over at it from the top of the cliffs. It had been… Moist. Damp. Full of water and jungles and darkness. And not like Stranglethorn which he had many good memories of. The entire atmosphere of the Wilds was just… Depressing. He avoided it, and gladly. 

But then there were the Klaxxi. And the Sha. He could admit, to himself, that he found the Klaxxi a bit too intellectually fascinating to be healthy but they were working toward a common goal that no one could fault them for - the destruction of the Sha. Specifically of Fear but that didn’t mean observations of the others weren’t in need.

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