sha dow

wi//ttyy na//me a popular klance fic writer (the ma//rks we m/ake, shut up and da//nce with me, sha//dow of the pa//st) recently reblogged a post that to basically sum it up was talking about the toxicity of antis in the fandom, you’ll never catch me saying that all antis are good and unproblematic, but for me, someone who is just majorly uncomfortable with shaladin and thus labels herself an anti, this is something really upsetting to see on my dash

wit/tyy is wonderfully talented, and has every right to their own opinion on the discourse, but this is just a psa for those who might want it and not want sh//aladin apologist posts on their feed and may wish to unfollow

feel free to shoot an ask our way or privately message us for more information, but we don’t want post “receipts” on this blog as they can often be misleading, wit/tyy is entitled to their opinions, and my intent for this post is not at all to vilify or call out them but instead to spread awareness for people who are uncomfortable like me so they can either block or unfollow if they choose to do so

- mod plaxum