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Hey! Do you have some truth or dare prompts?

I can make some! :D

1. “I picked Dare specifically so that you couldn’t ask me about my crush, but now you dared me to kiss the person I have a crush on, and I’m debating whether or not I should give in and kiss you.”

2. “You let out a major secret during Truth or Dare, and now, everyone is teasing you. I’m the older sibling of the host, who found you crying in the kitchen. Want to talk about it?”

3. “You picked Truth, and someone asked you who you had a crush on. I passed out before I could hear your answer, and now, i not only don’t know, I’m also mortified.”

4. “You and I always give each other the craziest dares, but this time, you picked Truth, and I have no idea what to ask you.”

5. “Someone dared me to kiss you, and just to spite them, I kissed you on the cheek. Only now, you’re teasing me, saying I’m too scared to give you a real kiss. Well, I’ll show you.”

6. “I dared you to do something really dangerous, because I thought I could make you back down and pick Truth for once, but now you’re actually going to DO it, and I’m terrified. Please don’t!”

7. “You dared me, typically the quiet, composed one, to do something totally crazy. I did it just to spite you, but now you’re looking at me like I’m something incredible, and I really don’t want you to stop.”

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Hye i am the one who requested the truth or dare.❤️ I am sorry i ment Revance but autocorrect changed it to revange 😂😰

Enjoy this little fun one-shot!

Late one night, Revance and ____ were lounging around. The TV was on, but it was just white noise as no one was really watching it. They don’t know how it happened, but somehow everyone had three days off.

Takashi, Kyohei and ____ were sitting on the lounge while Iori sat on a recliner reading the paper on the right of them. Kota laid down on the ground playing one of his hand held games. Nagito was playing with Little Yamata outside.

“It’s really impressive that everyone has three days off.” ____ said, breaking the silence.

“I’m sleepy.” Takashi blurted out in a daze.

Kyohei turned to face ____ and smirked, “I know what we can do for three days.” ____’s face turned red while Kyohei winked.

Takashi stood up and started to head to the kitchen but suddenly stopped, “We must leave. Now!”

Not wasting any time Kota stood up and started to head to his room, “It was nice knowing you all.”

“What’s going on?” ____ asked just as Nagito ran up to Kota

Looking uncomfortable, Kota adverted his eyes and told Nagito, “What are you doing? I need to go to my room.”

Shaking his head, Nagito smiled, “I was just thinking, we haven’t played truth or dare for a while!”

“Because we are not in middle school anymore.” Iori glared, crossing his arms.

Not knowing what Nagito was like in these instances too well, ____ asked, “Why doesn’t anyone want to play? I know I had fun with Truth or Dare when I played with my friends.”

“You will see why we don’t like Nagito choosing games.” Kyohei whispered to ____’s ear.

Ignoring Iori, Nagito dragged Kota to where the others were and sat him down, “Lets play for old times sake.” Nagito encouraged, ignoring the guys as they groaned. Turning his head Nagito added, “You too Leader. I saw you trying to leave.”

“Damn.” Takashi sighed as he begrudgingly joined the others.

At that moment the front door opened as Ryo entered, “Hello, I’m back!” greeted Ryo

“Run!” Everyone yelled out, trying to give him some time before Nagito could force him to join.

“Great timing Ryo!” Nagito cried out happily, “We are going to play truth or dare!”

Confused, Ryo looked at everyone as they gave him sympathetic looks, “We tried to warn you.” Kota grumbled

“Let’s begin!” Nagito announced as he forced Ryo to sit down next to him.

Trying to think of a way out, Kyohei quickly said, “But we don’t have a bottle to play with.”

Shocked for a second, Nagito smiled and pulled a red, glassed bottle from under his shirt, “You mean like this one?” knowing that he won, Nagito placed it in the center and began, “Like I said before. Lets begin!”

“Who is going first?” ____ asked, trying to keep up with what was going on.

Nagito claimed that since he was the one that suggested the game, he should go first. When he spun the bottle it landed on Iori, “Iori, truth or dare?”

Thinking it through, Iori replied, “Truth.”

“No fun.” Nagito mumbled, “Okay Iori, what is the worst date you have ever been on?”

Shocked, Iori stated, “That is a rather tame compared to your usual questions.”

Grinning, Nagito replied, “Got to start slow to begin with.”


“How did this happen? We started only twenty minuets ago?” ____ stated in complete shock. In the twenty minuets Kyohei was dared to stay steady on a ball for half an hour, Iori and ____ had to swap each others clothes, Kota had make up on with deep red lips, Nagito had to take a shot of brandy each time he someone sneezed, Takashi had to have the guys use ____’s make up and decorate his face - with blindfolds, and Ryo act like Little Yamata in human form. Iori and Kota had to have  their hands tied together, Takashi had to have Nagito paint his toe nails, ____ had to kiss each of the guys on the cheek (as Kyohei wouldn’t let it be on the lips), Kyohei was dared to wear on of ____’s dresses.

Nagito laughed as he was drunk (some of the guys pretended to sneeze just so Nagito would drink more), “You know this reminds me of the time when we repainted the kitchen and,” Nagito paused, “I forgot what I was saying.” looking around Nagito yelled, “We should play truth or dare!”

“Please say he will pass out soon.” Kota mumbled wanting the night to end soon, “Nagito, have you fed Little Yamata yet?”

Jumping up, Nagito began to freak out, “I forgot where I put his food!” Falling to the ground dramatically, Nagito cried, “I have failed at life.” patting Ryo on the head, Nagito tearfully said, “I am sorry Little Yamata.” with that, Nagito passed out.

“About time.” Iori grumbled, “Let’s go before he wakes up.”

Kyohei managed to hop off the ball he was on and made his way to ____, “This is why we don’t like Nagito choosing games.”


“Dear Lord, what have I done?” you mumble to yourself as you watch Natasha and Thor try to hula-hoop within the same ring. They obviously fail spectacularly, then all eye turn to you.

“Don’t think you’ve escaped, Y/N!” Tony threatens. “Truth to Dare?”

“Truth,” you answer immediately. Their questions were embarrassing, but the dares were worse!

Everyone protests. “Nuh-uh, that’s all you’ve been doing since we started! You’re doing a dare!”

You protest, “That’s not how the game works!”

“Well it is now!”


Truth or Dare Part II with Natasha and Elise!

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WHAT IF RHODEY WAS WITH THEM!? And someone, probably Clint, would ask the mandatory question: Who are you in love with? And Tony is so smashed that he answers without any hesitation - "Rhodey! I love him so much!". And for a second he doesn't realize that Rhodey is right there.

(Technically Clint couldn’t ask the question directly like that, but let’s assume they eventually get tired of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and switch to ‘Truth or Dare’ instead.)

Of course all the others are there as well, and they’re far too drunk for any sort of decorum. Not that they would have shown much in the first place, but the alcohol gives them an additional excuse. So there’s catcalls, and obnoxious ‘ooh’s, and giggling from everyone.

Meanwhile Rhodey’s just sitting there, looking out of it, and a bit like his entire universe is currently rearranging itself behind his eyes, and that’s of course when Tony’s gaze falls on him. And just like that it hits him, that Rhodey’s right there, what he’s just admitted, and Tony absolutely panics.

So he kisses Rhodey.


We played TRUTH OR DARE with Natasha & Elise! Watch part 1 now!

Fic idea- Truth or Dare.

Jazekiel get stuck playing enchanted truth or dare.
At first it’s super innocent
-Fav colour?
Etch for a while.
Then it gets more intimate
- Why art?
-Why theft?
-Have you really never been caught?
-Why do you still hide under aliases?
Then like the lil shit stirrer Ezekiel is the dares come in, and Jake joins in
-Dare you to steal one of Cassies cookies
-Dare you to hug Jenkins
Then they get dumb
-Dare you to dye your hair
-Dare you to jump off the balcony.
Until Ezekiels got a twisted ankle from the balcony, and Jake is covered in flour from falling over as he ran off with the cookies.
They go back to truth and it’s super real
-Did you fancy me in the happy ever afters?
-Are you gay?
-Why do you touch me so much?
-Why, do you like it?
A timer goes to signal there’s one more truth or dare for each of them.
They bicker over who has to go.
They agree to write it down on paper.
When the dares are flipped in the best cliché ever they both read ‘I dare you to kiss me.’
Kissing commences.
Buzzer declares game over.
Ezekiel smiles dopily and boasts ‘greatest thief in the world, stole your heart and a kiss.’ He goes to jump up and run out all smug and dramatic…only he trips over his own feet and faceplants into the floor.
He’s moaning about ‘bloody floor’ and Jake settles back into his chair grinning as he says 'greatest thief in the world foiled by his own feet. Yeah, you’re a bloody scourge on society’ his tone is warm and sweet. Ezekiel let’s out a string of curses in response.
He untangled himself and mutters, 'some boyfriend. Didn’t even help me up.’
Jake just raises an eyebrow, and Ezekiel freezes at his own words.
Until Jacob splits into a ridiculous smile, and pulls Ezekial up to snog enthusiastically.
When they pull back, Jake says 'so, yes?’
Ezekiel looks at him blankly.
Jake continues, 'date me? The whole relationship thing?’
Ezekiel kisses him messily, and nods.

Imagine Playing Truth or Dare with the Newsies

“Truth or dare, (y/n)?” Race asks, beginning one of the favorite games of the Lodging House. Immediately, a small circle of newsies forms on the floor. Crutchie, Romeo, Specs, Buttons, and Albert wouldn’t miss this game for anything. Jack and Katherine, however, stay seated on a bench by the window on the opposite end of the room.

“So, (y/n), truth or dare?” Race asks again, his eyes alight with mischief.

“Truth,” you reply, remembering how nasty your dare was the last time you played.

“Is it true,” Race begins, deep in thought. “Is it true that you actually like to smoke cigars?”

You roll your eyes. “Absolutely not! Just because that’s what you dared me to do last time doesn’t mean I liked it!”

“Fine,” Race says. “Your turn.”

“Romeo,” you pick. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare!” he exclaims, grinning from ear to ear.

Just then, Jack gets up from his seat and goes upstairs, presumably to get something from his ‘penthouse’. This gives you an idea.

“I dare you to go flirt with Katherine and stay there until Jack comes back!” you announce.

“It’s always a pleasure to speak with Miss Katherine,” Romeo smiles and prances over to her.

She looks at him questioningly. He sits, and she scoots over, making room for him. He speaks to low for you to hear, but from how red Katherine’s face is getting, you assume whatever he’s doing is working.

“You got a death wish for Romeo?” Buttons teases in a whisper.

“Naw, but this’ll be great to see!” you reply.

Just then, Jack enters the room. Romeo had been in the middle of telling Katherine something extremely flirtatious, and Jack had heard all of it. Romeo’s charisma melted away under Jack’s glare, leaving a frightened little shorty in his place. Your circle starts to snicker.

“Romeo, get your skinny bottom outta my seat,” Jack angrily orders. “And never let me catch you messing with my girl again, got it?”

“Alright, I won’t let ya catch me again,” Romeo retorts and scrambles back to the safety of the circle. “Okay, Crutchie, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Crutchie answers, as he usually does.

“Do you like a girl, Crutchie?” Romeo asks, in typical Romeo fashion.

Crutchie turns bright red. He glances at you and then at the floor. Your stomach does a flip. You’ve liked him for some time now, but does he like you? Or someone else?

“Yes,” he mutters, staring intently at a crack in the floor.

“Details!” Romeo cries. “Give us some details!”

“Nope. It’s my turn,” Crutchie replies. “Truth or dare, Specs?”

“Truth,” the boy replies, pushing his signature glasses further up on his nose.

“Did you truly find those glasses in the trash and thought they looked neat?”

“No!” Specs cries, indignant. “I went to an optometrist to get ‘em.”

“What’s an op… optomologalist?” asks Albert.

“Optometrist,” you correct him. “It’s an eye doctor.”

“My turn,” Specs smiles. “Crutchie, truth or dare”

“Truth,” Crutchie groans, knowing what’s coming next.

“This girl you like,” Specs begins, an evil look in his eyes. “Is her name (y/n)?”

Your mouth wide open, you look at Specs, astonished. “Specs!” you cry in horror.

“Yes,” Crutchie whispers, blushing and looking up at you. You smile at him, relieved, and he grins back. “(Y/n), truth or dare?”

“Truth,” you mumble.

“Do you like me back?” Crutchie asks nervously.

“Yes, I do,” you answer.

He reaches out and takes your hand. “Good.” Everyone’s attention is on you two now.

“Race,” you suddenly say. “Truth or dare?”