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Mine Once

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“You can’t be serious.” You gasped as your mother dragged the air mattress from the attic and dumped it in your room..

“His parents are going away for the week and Liam’s parents asked if we could look after him … I wouldn’t want you alone for so long.” She sighed and smiled when you shook your head and refused to look at her. “I’m sorry that it will be awkward but… you know what it’s like here if something happened while they were away they’d never forgive themselves.”

“Why can’t he go with them!” You offered hopefully but she shook her head as the Dunbar’s pulled into the drive..

“I’m sorry ok, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She insisted as you reluctantly headed down with her to greet everyone looked down at your feet when Liam heaved his bags inside, offering your mother his help for dinner once his parents had left. “Thank you Liam.”

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Drunk on Love ~ Isaac Lahey Smut

Description: After a girls night out y/n returns to Isaac with need for a release

Warnings: smut,swearing

Requested: @thelagunabitches

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“Lydiaaaaa are we nearly at Isaac’s yet?My feet hurt!” you whined tipping over slightly. “Lydia we should have taken her home after that third tequila!” Malia grumbled before catching you as you fell off the sidewalk. “Oh we’re here now. Thank God!” Malia groaned as Lydia marched up to the door.Isaac answered in a navy  shirt and grey sweat pants. His hair was slightly dishevelled but his eyes were bright. “Here’s your princess!” Lydia rolls her eyes as the gestures to you.”Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!I missed you!” You cry as you run into his arms taking him by surprise. “Thanks for walking her home guys. See you tomorrow.” Isaac smiles as he leads you into the house.He hands you a bottle of water as you gulp it down.You make your way to the bedroom and pull on one of Isaac’s shirts and a pair of shorts.”Those 5 tequilas are gonna kill you in the morning Y/N.” Isaac mumbles hugging you from behind the waist. “I’m not tired.” I’m going to bed Y/N” Isaac says slightly irritated. “Fine!” you grumble turning your back to him as you pull the covers over you.

About a half an hour later when you think Isaac has fallen sleep you can’t deny the familiar ache in your stomach that’s been there all night. You have to relieve it. You slip your hand under the covers , past the waistband of your shorts and into your underwear. Your thumb applied pressure to you clit as your fingers pumped in and out of you. Soft whimpers left your mouth as you tried to keep quiet nearing your release. You were just on the verge of bliss when Isaac grabbed your arm. “So desperate Y/N…” he whispers as you sit up blushing.”Well you weren’t gonna help me asshole!” you smirked. “Well kitten I’m gonna help you now since you’re so desperate.On one condition….You only cum when I tell you.” Isaac smirked. “Yes daddy.” you say innocently fluttering your lashes knowing it drives him crazy.

 He kisses slowly at first soft chaste kisses along your neck with an occasional mark left by him. Then he attack your mouth. Deep,slow,dirty french kisses only breaking it off to pull off each others shirts. You push him on the bed and slide his sweatpants down discarding them to the side. His length springs free as you wrap a hand around it. You take the tip in your mouth first as his hands tangle in your already messy take his full length in your mouth as you develop a steady rhythm. He lets out a low growl tugging on your hair. You hum as you feel the veins  pulse as he grunts. He releases in your mouth as  you swallow every drop.He growls pulling you up and pressing rough sloppy kisses to your lips and attacking your breasts leaving dark purple marks all over you. He tears off your underwear and pulls you on the bed with him. “Daddy… please….” you pant grinding on his thigh desperate for your release. Isaacs hand gripped your hair jerking your head back “Ride me baby.” You push him down and slowly sink onto him. You whimper as he fills you up to the base. You give yourself a few seconds to adjust to his size.You slowly start rocking yourself developing a pace. Isaacs hands find your hips gripping them “Yes baby…like that…just for daddy” he growls. “Isaac…daddy….please ohmygod…..yes!”you cry nearing your edge so desperate for release.Isaac bucks his hips to meet yours as he meets his release with a loud grow. “Daddyyyy…..”you whimper. “Cum baby…let go” Isaac pants. Your body shakes as you meet your orgasm as Isaacs name falls from your lips like a prayer.You ride out you high as Isaac kisses you as your nails rake his back.

You fall into bed,chests still heaving. Isaac looks over at you with a smirk.”You tired now?” 

moving on ➳ brett talbot

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    summary: After getting your heartbroken by your ex, Liam, two months ago. You’re still trying to move on.

pairing(s): brett talbot x fem!reader

warning(s): heartbroken!reader, cute!brett

a/n: another reuploaded imagine, hope y’all enjoy though!

I huffed, glaring daggers at the smiling couple down the hall from me. My glare changed to a small whimper after Liam kissed Hayden. I turned away from the sight, and went back to gathering my books from my locker. I jumped in surprise when I felt a hand on my shoulder, which turned out to be my best friend, Lydia Martin.

“Y/N,” Lydia sent me a sad smile, “It’s been two months, doll.”

“I know,” I snapped at her, “You think I want to feel like this? You think I like waking up, and feeling like I’m never good enough? You think I like still being stuck on his dumb-ass? I don’t, Lydia, and I’m sorry if me being heartbroken is kinda an inconvenience for you.”

A look of hurt flashed across her face, and I sighed, feeling guilty. I know Lydia didn’t mean harm, but I really couldn’t help it. I felt eyes on my back, and I peeked over my shoulder to realize it was the pack. After the breakup between Liam and me, I stopped talking to the pack. It was really awkward whenever I was around, along with Liam and Hayden so I choose to exclude myself from the little group. I only talked to Lydia now, as she’s been my best friend since we were 5, and we live right next to each other.

“I’m sorry, Lydia,” I told the strawberry blonde gently, “I know you don’t mean harm, but it’s hard.”

“I had no right to say that,” She replied, “I know what you’re going through, I mean I went through it when Jackson left. I’m really sorry, Y/N. Best Friends?”

“Best friends,” I laughed, hooking my pinky with hers. I closed my locker, and we began making our way to our first class.

“Soo, are you ready for the Devenford Prep vs Beacon Hills game tonight?” asked Lydia, with a sly smirk.

“I am,” I chuckled, “It should be an interesting game.”

“Mhmm, what about seeing your loverboy?” She teased me, and I rolled my eyes but a blush crept upon my cheeks.

“You know how I feel, but Brett is just a friend,” I told the smirking strawberry-blonde as we found our seats. She sat in front of me as usual. She just sent me a smirk before class began.

“Y/N!” I heard Lydia call my name, as I made my way over to the lacrosse field, where Devenford Prep players were practicing.

“Hey, Lyds,” I greeted my best friend, taking the empty seat next to her. I bit the urge to roll my eyes as the pack sat behind us, “Don’t start.”

“What?” She asked in ‘fake shock’, and I gave her a look, “All I was going to say was you were looking quite cozy with Mr. Talbot.”

“He’s a friend, Lydia,” I huffed, shaking my head at her bright grin. I turned my attention back to the field, where Brett was now looking straight over at us, shirtless and with his lacrosse stick on his shoulders, behind his head.

“Doesn’t seem like it,” She hummed, “Ooh, he’s making his way over here.”

“Hey Y/N,” The green-eyed boy said, with a smirk on his face, “Lydia.”

“Hey, Brett. You ready for the game tonight?” I smiled, at the handsome boy in front of me.

“Of course I am. You’re coming right? I need my cheerleader,” He winked at me, as Lydia let out a little squeal that I barely heard, “How about a date afterwards also?


Brett left, giving me a wink and I couldn’t help the blush that spread across my cheeks, and the huge smile that broke out on my face.

“Sure you guys are just friends?” Lydia teased, raising an eyebrow. I bit my lip, looking back and forth between her and Brett. I knew that the best way to get over Liam, would to try and forget him.

“HEY, BRETT!” I yelled to the blonde haired boy, who stopped and faced me with a raised eyebrow, “HOW ABOUT THIS, YOU WIN TONIGHT AND I’LL LET YOU TAKE ME ON THAT DATE.”

“YOU’RE ON!” He screamed back, before jogging back to the rest of his teammates.

“I hope we aren’t,” I answered Lydias’ question from earlier. I laughed as Lydia threw her arms around me.

“I’m so happy for you, doll,” She told me quietly, and I sent her a smile.

“I feel happy,” I bit my lip as I looked out on the field.

“Well, let’s go get you ready,” giggled Lydia, pulling me to my feet, and dragging me off to her car. With her dragging me, I ended up tripping on my own feet and fell to my butt, blushing when I realized Brett was staring with a goofy smile.

“Isn’t this too much?” I asked Lydia as she applied another layer of Power Driven (Dark Red) on my lips.

“Never,” She smiled, finally closing the lipstick and stepping back.

I was dressed in a casual black dress, with stockings underneath and my black ankle boots, topped with a crimson red cardigan. My hair was put away in a messy braided bun, and I had a smokey eye look.

“Let’s go,” I chuckled, and yet again I was dragged to her car

/ Lacrosse Field /

Arriving at the field, we quickly took our seats. The game started no later than 5 minutes after.

Brett quickly took possession of the ball, and scored a shot. I bit my lip, as Lydia nudged me with a huge smile on her face.

“Is it bad that I want them to win?” I asked Lydia as Brett scored another shot. He sent me a wink as soon as I met his gaze.

“No,” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it with a warm smile, “you’re finally allowing yourself to move on.“

/ After Game /

Devenford Prep won the game with 10-8. I decided to wait around so Brett could shower or whatever, and Lydia was with me as the pack stumbled over. When I seen Liam with his arm around Hayden, I strangely didn’t feel any hostility like usual. Jackson wrapped an arm around Lydia, kissing her forehead. I smiled at the PDA, they were adorable.

“I think you owe someone a date, Y/N,” Lydia sang teasingly, motioning her head to behind me, where Brett stood. He was cleaned up, and rubbing the back of his head, sheepishly.

“You are right,” I gave her a quick hug, before making my way over to Brett, “Congratulations, Brett.”

“Thanks,” He continued rubbing the back of his head, “So, about that date..”

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, catching a surprised look spread across his face, “What? Did you think I was lying about the date?”

“No - no. Let’s go,” Brett held out his hand, and I gladly took it, lacing my fingers with his.



Summery: Derek becomes frustrated with you and decides to prove he’s the only alpha for you.


Summery: With Scott out of the way you tease Liam until he finally snaps.


Summery: Derek leaves his worst behaved beta in the hands of his uncle.


Summery: Isaac feels insecure so you deside to make him feel better.


Summery: Some of the team mates wind Jackson up after a game so he desides on some serious PDA which going a little over the top.


Summery: You finally give Stiles your decision.


Summery: Scott accuses you of not paying attention in your lessons with Deaton so you prove him wrong.


Summery: Everyone thinks Scott giving you lessons. He is just not in Animal Care 101.


Summery: Despite his best efforts Derek can’t walk away from you.


Summery: Theo turns up on your doorstep and begs to stay the night.


Summery: You get revenge on Peter for always teasing you.

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Hey! So I would like to have a prompt or however this calls! I'm pretty new here so sorry for doing anything wrong 😅 One with Isaac & 2 please! Thank you❤

Isaac Lahey - “Hey, hey, calm down! They can’t hurt you anymore!”

Isaac’s skin was covered in sweat and he was turning from one side to the other. The sheets that should be covering him were on the floor next to him and his pillow looked completely soaked.

“Isaac…” You carefully placed a hand on his shoulder. You had seen him like this before. You had seen him more often like this than you wanted, than you liked. But you knew that even though he was nowadays sleeping safely by your side, you couldn’t take his nightmares away with a simple snap of your fingers. “Isaac, wake up…”

His eyes flashed open and the moonlight was reflected by the glimmering gold. With a shock he sat up and he tensed all his muscles while he clenched his jaw.

Hey, hey…” You placed a hand on his arm. “Calm down!” You spoke softly and you started to rub his glowing skin. “They can’t hurt you anymore. He can’t hurt you anymore.” You placed your other hand on his back and started to draw circles, endless circles, with the tips of your fingers. “Did you have the same nightmare as always?” You whispered and let your head rest on his shoulder. “It’s just a nightmare. Your father is gone and he will never come back. No one will lock you in a freezer again and no one will tell you that you’re not good enough again.”

“But what if I’m not good enough? What if I mess this whole thing between us up? What if I mess something up with the pack and someone gets hurt or worse?” Isaac looked up at you. He had a frown on his forehead and his lips were forming a straight line. “I’m not really good at this whole friendship and relationship thing and maybe I’ll never get good at it.” The fingers of his hand went through his hair.

“We all have doubts about relationships and friendships sometimes, but you know what the nice thing about relationships and friendships is?” You paused for a moment. “It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about never making mistakes. It’s not about never screaming at each other. It’s not about never fighting over something or someone. It’s about feeling safe enough to be yourself and say what’s on your mind and in your heart. It’s knowing that even though you mess up, the other will still be there in the end, when you need them.”

Isaac’s lips curled up into a slight smile and he relaxed his shoulders a little. “I don’t wanna fight with you or hurt you or scream at you.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and you smiled back at him while you nodded.

“I know, but it’s going to happen some day and that’s okay.” You licked your lips. “If I ever scream at you or fight with you or are in any way angry with you…” You kept silent for a short moment. “Know that it’s not because I stopped loving you. It’s because I know that even though I scream and fight with you, you’re not going anywhere. That even though I’m angry with you, you’ll still love me.”

Isaac leaned in and he pressed a soft kiss on your lips. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”


Teen Wolf Season 6 AU: Stiles and Scott have been dating since they were fourteen. Malia and Lydia are only a few months into their relationship when Stiles is taken by the Wild Hunt and they have to help reunite him with Scott, which only makes their bond as a couple stronger. (An day-early birthday present for @celestallisonI was too excited and there might be another one for tomorrow.)
Time On My Hands (Should Be Time Spent With You) (chp 3)

He can handle his dry, cracked lips stuttering under the steady stream of blood being poured into his mouth, and he can handle the prickly feeling of that blood finding its way back into his veins.

But the brain, waking up the brain is not the same as kick-starting some nerves and filling up some vessels. The brain explodes into action again, throws Stiles back into existence with every memory, every sensation, every emotion all there behind his eyes and on the tip of his tongue so he screams.

Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~FINAL~

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I packed my bag with each and every weapon I could find, not wanting to take a risk if we were really going up against the berserkers.

“Where in the hell did you even get a hold of these things?!” Stiles asked, his eyes bewildered as he gently picked up a grenade.

“My dad tends to hoard around weapons,” I shrugged. “A part of the fact that he likes to collect them.”

“Do you even know how to wield even half of them?”

“For the most part,” I said looking to him as I smirked and twirled a gun in my fingers and stuffed it into the backpack. “But I’ve got my preferred weapon of choice.” He looked down and shook his head.

“You’ve really got to train me or something,” he muttered softly to himself. I chuckled and placed a hand to his arm.

“Maybe one of these days,” I said, my smile fading. “But we should get going before my dad finds out half of his collection is gone.”

I gently placed the backpack in the back of his jeep before jumping into the front passenger seat and heading off to the sheriff’s station.

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