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Stiles/Allison/Derek? (I'm not sure how you feel about this ship, please feel free to ignore it if you're not a fan 😊)

((don’t worry, i am so totally a fan))

- This grouping doesn’t come together easily. Well, Stiles and Allison fall together pretty quickly after they get past the fear of hurting Scott’s feelings. But Derek has misgivings on both parts. Their age gives him pause, but they’re both eighteen by then and far past the naive innocence he’s so afraid of accidentally manipulating. And with Allison, well…..sometimes she reminds him of all the things he loved in Kate, just with none of the things he hated. It’s enough to make him question his own judgment, to make him doubt her all over again when she’s already proven herself a dozen times over. It takes time to work through that but with Stiles’ help, they manage.

- Allison and Derek both speak French and Stiles is jealous as fuck. Sometimes the two of them chat in French just for the sake of using the language and making sure they maintain their fluency, and sometimes they do it just to rile Stiles up. But they’re always careful to make sure they don’t really make him feel too left out, and then Derek sets about teaching Stiles Italian so that they can speak a language that Allison doesn’t. Stiles and Allison considered getting a language of their own, but they had too much trouble finding a language Derek didn’t speak so they gave up on that idea.

- They like to spar two on one, pitting Stiles and Allison’s combined skills against Derek’s supernatural abilities. It’s usually pretty evenly matched that way (especially once Derek starts picking up combat tips from Allison so he’s not just relying on brute strength like he used to) and the outcome is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that at least two of them will end up making out. It would end in sex but Stiles put his foot down about outdoor sex when he got leaves in very uncomfortable places. Now he insists they take it inside if they’re heading for anything more than a quick blowie.

- Allison and Stiles are both fascinated by Derek’s full wolf shift. He’s so goddamn fluffy and soft, and he’s large enough that they can both use him as a pillow at the same time while they all watch movies together. Derek was very reluctant to admit that he likes getting petted at first, but Allison made it a point to loudly proclaim how much she loves it when her boys play with her hair until he gave in and sullenly demanded belly rubs. Stiles is still working on getting him to admit that he wants to play fetch, but Allison is pretty sure that one’s a lost cause.


Happy Birthday Ellis!

it’s the wonderful @derekslaura‘s birthday today and I wrote them a thing.  it’s my first time writing for this pairing and I really hope you like it - happy birthday Ellis! <3 

title: if I would know you
pairing: allison/derek
tags/warnings: knives, hunters, mild violence, a teeny bit of angst and a teeny tiny bit of nsfw
(this sounds really heavy for a birthday fic wow)

The sun is starting to set and the already cold day is turning even more brittle when Allison finally reaches the subway station.  A sharp whistle of wind blows past her, scraping leaves into the station as she rushes inside.

She’s still getting used to the city, still learning how to get around it, still figuring out the sprawling mass of tunnels that will get her wherever she needs to go.  Apparently her timing is still off because the train is already rattling onto the platform as she runs down the steps.  She almost skids across the platform and just manages to squeeze into the tiniest gap left on the train before the doors slam shut behind her with a slick hiss.  Her breath puffs out of her and she reaches up to grip a strap as the train gives a mechanical wheeze and lurches forward.  

The train is crowded. At this hour, it’s mostly people heading home from work, a sea of suits in dull colours and scuffed heels and leather briefcases.  Allison spots a few other students – easily found, with distinct clothes and brightly colored hair and backpacks stuffed to the point of bursting; like colorful debris rising above the sea foam – and an older guy fast asleep on one of the back benches, a bottle in a paper bag still clutched in a grubby fist, but no spare seats.

She slouches tiredly as the train rattles across the track, squeezing to the side at each stop so clusters of people can shuffle off, until, gradually, there’s enough room to breathe, and then to move, and, finally, to sit down.  She leans her head against the cold window, feels the vibrations of the train in her skull, and is tempted to just nap right there.  It’s been a long day.  A horrible day.  Between sleeping through her alarm and being late for class and dealing with shitty people at work, she just wants to get back to her apartment and crawl into bed.  

The next stop empties the train even more.  There’s a couple on the opposite side to Allison, kissing and giggling slightly, and a guy in a beanie hat and fingerless gloves reading quietly in the closest seat to the doors, and a group of men squashed into the seats right at the back of the train.  

She’s digging around for her phone to check the time when what she’d just seen actually catches up fully in her brain and her gaze snaps back to the group of men.  

The metallic glint she’d caught is definitely a knife, the guy tucking it discreetly under one arm so most people wouldn’t notice unless they were particularly paying attention. The tip is digging in slightly to the leather clad side of the man to his right, angled perfectly to slide between ribs.  Allison lifts her gaze and a ripple of shock goes through her.

She isn’t sure why she’s so surprised to lay eyes on Derek Hale for the first time in two years, or why she’s so surprised that he’s here in New York of all places.  She’s not sure what the chances of them bumping into each other are, not in a city as big as this or on this exact train, but the one thing she isn’t surprised about is that Derek has managed to land himself in trouble again.

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(1/?) Crackships: AU Dallison

“I hate that feeling. I want to feel stronger then that. I wanna feel powerful.”

Peter is gone and Derek’s got the alpha bite and the red eyes to match. The only thing he’s missing now is a pack. A kid with a big heart and a lot of bruises, a sick girl who considers happiness foreign, a boy who just doesn’t want to eat alone, a huntress from a family of liars.

“So what, you want the bite?”


derek hale rare pair week - day four: missing scenes/au (dallison -> batman and catwoman)

The villain scrambles to her feet, her cat costume seemingly untouched. How she does that, he doesn’t know; his suit hangs loosely from his chest in pieces, the bat entirely clawed out. “How could you?” Allison asks, her voice breaking. She cradles her face in her hand and, as if the city can sense her fragility, behind her Gotham’s streets are empty and somber in the dead of night. “I’m a woman.”

Derek swallows. His fist throbs from where it hit her face, but he’s sure her cheek hurts worst. “I’m sorry,” he says hoarsely. “I’m…”

But her red lips turn into a devilish grin, and she grabs him by the costume and pulls him close until their faces are about an inch away, their cold breath mingling in the air. She looks even better up close, he’s always thought so, and so he can’t help it as he leans forward a little, so that their noses almost touch. “As I was saying,” she purrs, “I’m a woman, and I can’t be taken for granted.” She flicks her claws for emphasis before sinking them into his shirt. “Life’s a bitch, now so am I,” she says calmly, before tossing him across rooftop as an end to the conversation.