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What is air?

In Sensed

Our interaction with the world is never as straightforward as we like to construe it. Most of the time it is easier to imagine that the senses are merely conduits by which the world introduces itself to us, that the raw data comes to us and that only then do we begin to interpret it. Pay attention, the senses already have their own import, their own effect, and their own agendas.

Seeing is the future, and it is transportive. Though you can only see things as they were, there is an aspect of possession and displacement. Seeing says, “I could be there, I could have that.” It is the other separate from the self at a distance, and it is also the self sent there.

Hearing is the present, and is centering. Again, you can only hear things from the past, and their arrival speaks of separation and location. Hearing refers to the place where you are, and brings your attention from there. It is of the other, as it relates to you from separation.

Smell is mysterious and without place. It is the event that happened when you smelled it last. It is the past and you never smell anything only the w ay it is, but also freighted with how it was that other time. It is external to self and detached ; it is always the other.

Touch is present and immediate. It is self and it is the other. It is the intersection of the two and it is the acceptance of the other into self. It is both immediate and timeless; the impression of touch lasts longer in perfect recall, but never gets easier to describe.

Taste is immediate and accretive. It is the accumulation of each taste experience; it is the past brought into the present. It is external to self, but at the closest approach to self, and can access the responses of self without the action of self.


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