silent hill joke endings ranked

1. sh2 dog ending. 
a masterpiece. 

2. sh3 ufo ending.
who can’t love the fact that heather’s parents (harry mason, james sunderland, and an alien) destroy silent hill for her 

3. sh1 and sh2 ufo endings. 
tied because they are both of a high caliber. some classic aliens. 

4. silent hill downpour joke ending
the best use of pyramid head outside of sh2

5. silent hill shattered memories ufo ending
short and sweet, but full of the classic joke elements: aliens, mira the shiba, and james sunderland

6. silent hill origins ufo ending
travis can drive stick 

7. silent hill book of memories joke ending
long and full of Heterosexuals, but nice artstyle and literally All the references. the only place shameless references to older games are welcome

8. silent hill homecoming ufo ending
bad. you can get it on your first try. art style doesn’t change. not that funny. 

9. silent hill 4 joke ending
there isn’t one

Two Questions to always ask yourself.

Bobbie Ridgely, spoke of many important skill sets and experiences you need in order to be successful. She showed how tasks that may not seem related to other careers, can in actuality, help give you the exact skills you need to succeed. She was able to breakdown the 5 needed skills and link them back to her experiences as a mechanical engineer. Understanding what is needed of you in a specific job and being able to work in order to develop those capabilities is very important.

Though the entirety of the speech was very insightful, what truly stuck with me was how her father responded to the pick-up truck accident and her later struggles in college. “Was anyone hurt? Can you continue?” Living life by answering these two questions really simplifies stressful situations. I found myself reaching points in my life where I faced failure and the continued stress got to me. That’s why I really really related to the story she said about her college class. I wasn’t the best in math or sciences in high school, so my guidance counselor crossed out medicine as option for me. From that point I gave up on trying to succeed in chemistry and biology because in my mind it just wasn’t possible. I went to college thinking I could never be smart enough to be a doctor so why even try. But, this passion for medicine never left me. I worked at doctors offices, volunteered in hospitals and went on medical missions. None of that mattered though, because I just kept telling myself I wasn’t smart enough to be a doctor. Just recently I decided that I could do it and I’m a senior in college graduating with 0 pre-med requirements. I wish I had someone that asked me those two questions when I didn’t get an A in my chemistry class in 9th grade. Did anyone get hurt? NO! Can you continue? Yes, of course I can. 7 years later I’m answering those questions and I do plan on going to medical school.