sh2-171 qhy9 ts130 rid 08x narrow band
Sh2-171, night of 07/28/2016 (italian format 28/07/16) location ground 0 Cesena suburban sky, reprise all in narrow band Baader ha7n Baader o3 8nm, reprise with qhy9ccd mono with TecnoSky 130/900 lanthanium reduce o.8x, I-Optron Ieq45pro, acquired with maximDl 5.25, focused fwhm1.40 with Seletek armadillo 2, 5frames ha 840sec, 6frames OIII 900sec all in bin1x. autoguided with Qhy5LII in X-off mode, preprocessed in Maximdl e final elaboration Photoshop CC/Cs3 nik-action and Noel Carboni action.

First off you need to look at Masahiro Ito’s concept designs for the first 3 games. You can also try watch the making of SH2 and 3 on youtube to get the research needed. I always research before I try make something alike a specific style/design:

A good tip for making a good SH monster is to keep it simple!

You can’t have a figure with multiple elements sticking out like tentacles or spikes, that’s just too many things going on at once. You need to stay as close as you can to a human form and then add a disturbing deformity or some metal thing like Pyramid Head’s head or Pendulum’s blades

Then there’s the sexual theme that makes an important part of the monsters. Sex is often portrayed in the games but always very subtle, and plays with your mind on a subconsciously level. So, keep in mind that a monster with a obvious penis head will not be the best design for a believable SH monster.

Also, many monster are designed for a specific purpose connected to the characters in the story, so pay attention to that if you’re designing monsters for a SH fanfic.

Lets take a step by step with the Candy Monster from Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained episode 01…. this guy

Doodle until you get an idea, then start with a soft sketch.

I sketch with a medium soft red pencil and then I work further with a hard regular pencil.

Then I shade with some FaberCastel pens and finish off with a black Artline 0.1 size and highlights from a white pen thing for covering spelling mistakes (I think)

and that’s pretty much how I work traditionally on my GF/SH monsters. If I did this digitally I’d only use the first or second sketch and then paint on top of that with some nice gritty and bloody textures.

I hope this was helpful to you c:

Now draw me some sexy monsters.


Sh2 - 101 The Tulip Nebula by John Taylor
Via Flickr:
A small patch of emission nebula, located in the constellation Cygnus. Imaged under at least a 90% illuminated moon, in the light of ionised hydrogen and oxygen. Altair Astro 6" RC and Atik 460ex, Astrodon narrowband filters. Captured in SGPro and processed in Pixinsight and CS5.

John Taylor 

Sh2 - 101 The Tulip Nebula A small patch of emission nebula, located in the constellation Cygnus. Imaged under at least a 90% illuminated moon, in the light of ionised hydrogen and oxygen. Altair Astro 6" RC and Atik 460ex, Astrodon narrowband filters. Captured in SGPro and processed in Pixinsight and CS5.

Playing Silent Hill with @bakasara: A Riveting Series

We’re in the Nightmare Hospital stage, room C2. We kill off the Nurse and we grab the First-Aid Kit, and we’re about to exit the room when there’s a sound of broken glass that scares us shitless. The sound keeps repeating and I’m fine after that, but Sara gets surprised a second, a third, a fourth time, until we’re in the hallway again. At that point, we hear a very similar screeching sound in real life: it’s our mum entering the room. Sara yelps again and literally falls from the chair into a crouch.

Playing Silent Hill 2 with @bakasara

First boss battle against Pyramid Head - I navigate her, so we both know what’s coming.

“It’s just a bundle of pixels… and sounds…” *covers face*

“How can it have such a power of suggestion??”

“I’ll go water my aloe.” *actually stands up and goes to water the aloe* “I’m buying time.”

“Anything to buy time. Hah! That’s Dean [Winchester]! Bi time!”

anonymous asked:

You run the askpregnantdean blog right? Is there any chance you will be updating any time soon? It's such a strange blog but it's so well characterized that I can't help but love it! Ps. I love this blog so much as well!

Yes I do and thank you! I do miss writing pregnant!Dean like, a lot, so I plan to get it up and running again, but I want to finish the next chapter of IATOFP and another post for my SH2 Destiel AU first. I guess I just kinda lost steam cause the blog kinda took a detour from where I was trying to steer it, but I do plan to pick it up where I left off…because I haven’t even gotten to the extra fun parts of Dean’s pregnancy yet haha. The blog isn’t in real time so I figure I can get away with it…although it does make it a bit difficult to answer those “where’ve you been??” asks lol. I can’t really give a definitive time for when I’ll get back to it but it’s on the horizon. :)

there’s this scene in paris texas that i think inspired some really iconic imagery in sh2 but i can’t find any discussion on it so im just

Like damn when I look back on Homecoming I feel it tried too hard to follow in the footsteps of Silent Hill 2 while missing a lot of why SH2 is so widely regarded as the best game in the series. It seemed to be in this thought process of

Everyone loves Pyramid Head so let’s put him in there Silent Hill 2 had a twist and everyone loved that so let’s put a twist in there!

Pyramid Head’s presence didn’t make an ounce of sense from a storytelling and lore perspective. Pyramid Head is, of course, something that the town, or arguably James himself, had very much created specifically to punish James. (Of course games prior to Homecoming had been following SH2′s lead in regards to titty nurses, which has similar problems to P-Head being in Homecoming.)

And then the twist… This is something I’ve been meaning to more or less write an essay on for a long while now but I’m godawful at writing cohesive things of any even kind of substantial length. But the tl;dr version of it is:

One of the central themes of SH2 is what it takes for someone to reach the point where they’d take another person’s life. You learn Angela reached that point and Eddie reaches that point so, combining that with other ways the game had been hinting at why James was called to SIlent Hill, the twist winds up making a lot of sense in hindsight.