au where godtier immortality is even sh*ttier than it normally is in homestuck

like what if jade decided to steal a candy bar, slipped, and hit her head on a brick. her death would be just b/c she stole the candy bar

or maybe jake would try to get one of roxy‘s cats out of a tree and wind up falling off the branch. because he tried to save a kitten, his death was heroic

enderandest  asked:

Say how's your life? Is it more sh*ttier or f*cked than mine? Cause mine is f*cked 😂

it’s more Sh*ttier & F*cked up

not gonna celebrate, watch over my bruh, do more projects, do a lot more, activities, cough & sniffles, do more chores, tryna make more sh*t, losing motivation, & a lot more.

so yeah, that’s my life this time.