sh*t i’ll miss

ding dang gosh diddly thAT’S A LOT OF FOLLOWERS OK w o w i can’t believe there’s that many of you that put up with me constantly screaming my love for kakashi!????!!! HELLO MY NAME IS RAVI AND I L O V E HA T AK E KAK S HI !!! okok anyway idk i’m just so!!!!! astounded!!! that i’ve kept kakashi as a muse for as long as i have, and still remained as passionate as i am. the people that i’ve met, and continue to meet are always indulging in me in my ways to broaden kakashi as i muse and IM SO IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THAT!!! i’ve strayed from sentimental and as i typically do, have reverted back to incoherent screaming sO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU!!! THE L I S T!!!

 —— much love always!! ravi ♥ ( art cred. )

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