sh** eating grin

I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in almost a year.
We don’t talk much at all these days ‘cause he’s found what he wants out of life.
While I’m still a boat lost in this blue sea, looking for a shore, not some other island who will only be a temporary fix to my broken sail.
There are things that I need to deal with myself, by myself.
He looked at me with these disconcerting eyes that I couldn’t quite place.
He went on to ask me how I’ve been seen the last time he saw me.
I shrugged my shoulders and said I was doing fine, in an attempt to keep it simple.
He chuckled and told me “something’s they just never change, do they?”
I didn’t ask for any details on what that could mean.
I just gave that sh*t-eating grin I use too often, while downing the rest of my drink.