The thing about Social Media...

So, I hear Sam and Cait have more Twitter followers than ever before.   You know what I think about that?


 There’s a lot that goes into calculating overall social media statics.  It’s like a calculus equation that I’m sure even Einstein would have trouble with…thank God there’s an App for that!   Sure, your number of followers count but it’s only the active number of followers that make any real difference.   It’s things like Favorites, Likes, Reshares, Retweets, Reblogs, Replies, and Comments that make up the statistics and beyond that the social media reach of your followers’ counts as well.  

 Let me see if I can break this down into simpler terms with an example:

 Jamie has 5 followers and they are:  Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, and Jenny

Rupert has 5 followers: Jamie Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, and Jenny

Murtaugh has 10 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Young Ian, Claire, Jenny, Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Brianna & Roger

Young Ian has 10 followers: Jamie, Rupert Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, Jenny, Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Rollo, and Lord John

Claire has 5 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian, and Jenny

Jenny has 5 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian and Claire

 Jamie makes a tweet about the upcoming Battle of Culloden and all 5 of his followers see it.  That’s 5 potential impressions to his tweet.  

Rupert & Murtaugh retweet his comment so that’s 2 engagements and 15 extra “reach” of Jamie’s tweet, but wait…Jamie follows both Rupert and Murtaugh and so does Young Ian, Claire, and Jennie who saw the tweet when Jamie sent it so that’s only really 5 extra reach with Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Brianna & Roger.

Young Ian comments that he wants to fight, that’s 1 more engagement and 10 potential impressions, but Rupert, Murtaugh, Claire, Jennie, and Jamie all follow Young Ian so that’s only 5 more potential impressions to Jamie’s tweet and since Dougal, Colum and Geillis follow both Young Ian and Murtaugh, that takes the potential new impressions down to 2 with Rollo and Lord John.

Clare and Jenny are too busy with potatoes to think about the war so they ignore the tweet but they both follow Jamie Rupert Murtaugh, Young Ian and each other so they yield only 1 impression each.

 Now you must factor into this equation all the comments Jamie got on his Instagram post modeling his new war kilt and how many times his Tumbler blog on breaking Lord John’s arm was read and… gets confusing, don’t it?   Point is, there is no simple calculation to measure social media metrics and you certainly can’t measure it by how many followers someone has -  it’s a complicated process.

 I asked our statistician (see social media statistics are so involved we have a guy whose SOLE job it is to monitor them) to check the Outlander stats.  Overall Outlander is down from this time last month.  Sam and Cait are both down as well in total overall social media statistics in the same range. 

Think that’s impossible?  Here’s something else you may find hard to believe.    Believe it or not, Donald Trump has the best social media metrics around, in fact, he’s a genius at it and I’ll tell you why.   Science has proven that anxiety, awe, and anger are the top emotions positively associated with virality – most specifically, anger.  Trump knows this and he uses it.    Plainly put, people are more apt to interact and engage when angry than at other times.

 Which is why I guess some folks are acting childish, screen capping blogs and tattling on certain individuals to the actors.  Personally, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what SH, CB, MM, and WS think of me or my opinions.   I look to them for entertainment, not counsel on my morals, my social media presence or how to live my life.   However, if someone should feel the need to tattle on me, please be sure to get the following image in the screencap as it appropriately encapsulates my feelings on the matter.   

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hi! i don't know if you've been asked this before but its very hard to find graphic makers in the starlight fandom for a new fan like me, do you have any recommendations? thanks <33

ooo don’t worry! there’s this amazing tumblr I just discovered a few days ago, @graphvixx and they reblog graphics only from starlights around this site!

and to mention some: @rapju, @royalbins, @wontaektv, @elysiumdream, @h-sh, @tteonajimara, @k-ws, @chyogi

they all are super talented and make amazing edits ♥♥♥

I hoped this helped!

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Things that scream at me...

Seems like WS mocks SH at every turn he gets., I.e., who he is dating, “closet bond”, the article where WS interviews him about bathroom questions. WS targeting OL fans is even making a mockery- like all of his fans are cray, cray. Wanting a Watchtower over a show he has NOTHING to do with. Having SH face plastered all over his Twitter feed (including a tacky cartoon trophy over SH head). The tweet to united that his friend needs “help” when SH and his FANS were already blowing up united on Twitter.

I notice it, but maybe I’m way off. With friends like WS, who needs enemies, no? I don’t think you’re way off, @youpickformeplease, I see it too. It all seems to have really started after Sam did not make an appearance at the charity horse show. Shatner had been tweeting about Sam showing up for weeks and was up until the last minute promising that he might show up. But he didn’t. A photo op of Sam watching WS and his wife ride their horses was rather hastily arranged for the next day but I don’t think it can compare to having your latest “project” to parade about with at your big charity event. Before that WS had been being a huge pain in everyone’s arse but wasn’t really targeting anyone specific- just making fun of the show and especially of Claire- which which was causing trouble to be sure, but not like he does now. I think he is doing a good bit of this as retribution for his latest project not responding in the way he wants. Sam has not done anything more than “talk the talk” with him about their “friendship” (which really seems more like ownership to me) and has steadfastly refused to “walk the walk”.