Red Jacket ZK-SD

An integrally suppressed AK in 7.62x39mm. Note the front sight which gives you an idea that the barrel is actually quite short, about 8.5″ long, but isn’t an SBR. I don’t think the current Red Jacket Firearms company makes or offers the ZK-SD anymore. The rifle was introduced/created during the time Red Jacket was owned by Will Hayden, who became famous (or infamous) on the show Sons of Guns. Red Jacket is now under new ownership. (GRH)



Although the actual H&K XM8 was only used in military trials, there are conversion kits that will turn your H&K SL8 into an XM8. The parts will drop in and install without modifications to the SL8 and actually provide 4 U.S parts to the required 922r count. Granted there are modern designs now that overshadow the XM8, but this is for the gun owner who wants something different. Note the AR-15 magazine well adapter. In order for an SL8-to-XM8 conversion to use double stack mags, you need an adapter. (GRH)



U.S made FAL from Century Arms using a demilled L1A1 parts kit. Note the textured pattern on the handguard, stock and pistol grip. Among FAL owners and collectors these furniture sets are often referred to as the “Pebble” style. It’s officially call the British Maranyl pattern but it’s easier to just call it the pebble pattern. Since the FAL was called the “Right Arm of the Free World”, many nations adopted the rifle with their own slight modifications from the original. This makes collecting FAL’s fun but a little more difficult. (GRH)