shÅgo furuya


Miyuki: Does the rain bother you? But you threw that one into the ground, so the ball wouldn’t rise, right?
Furuya: Yes. I didn’t want the ball to fly out.
Miyuki: That’s good. I can’t do anything if it goes over my head, but if it bounces, I’ll catch it. Stay aggressive.

i was told that seven days were long enough for a dream … but for me, seven days were long enough to fall in love.


“Is it okay to just watch? Won’t you be left out alone again? Is it scary to join that circle?… There is no such world… where someone would rescue a person who doesn’t do anything and just watches in silence. Don’t cover your heart. Show your determination. If you really wish it, I’ll stand by you.”


The fate of the team is in my hands!
– He’s pissing me off.
– I’m going to burn him alive.

There’s three things Nagi learnt in his home country and took with him to Japan:

1. How to avoid assassinations.
2. How to be self-confident.
3. How to KICK ASS at monopoly.