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my malec comic of how Alec went from clean-shaven face to keeping a stubble xD!!! because Matt himself once said that he wants to see Alec keep a beard (in a livechat with Emeraude Toubia at 2:45) and i am HERE FOR THIS!!! i mean, have you seen Matt with a stubble ;U; (i’m sure you have, he has it almost all the time when they are not filming the show xD!) the other thing i wanna see in the next season is Alec just coming back home (to magnus’ loft, bc lets be honest, he already moved in xD!) and just COMPLAIN about the clave and his work! haha GIVE ME ALL THE DOMESTIC SCENES THERE CAN BE! please OwO so hope you like it! <3


I haven’t read it in years, it’s amazing. x
(the real reason Matt doesn’t know any Justin Timberlake songs)


2x01 // 2x09: who’s calling the shots (feat. a very satisfying hair evolution)


“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”  Antonio Porchia 

Alec bringing Magnus Forget me nots because we all know what will happen one day (*cough* immortality *cough* death *cough*) ;A; and he doens’t want Magnus to forget about him!!! (to be honest- magnus COULD NEVER forget about Alec! and he won’t)

now if you excuse me- *GROSS SOBBING*


i have come back from the dead and brought this fanart as a peace offer for being so inactive this past few weeks :’D haha (the art block just wouldn’t go away…) Alec, The Head of the New York Institute, and Magnus, The High Warlock of Brooklyn!! >U< enjoying a peacefull morning with cups of coffee on the balcony of the Head of the Institute’s office ;3 (this time i wasn’t lazy and did my research how things aka the balcony really looks xD!!)


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The Beginning of Malec; in a Nutshell
  • Magnus: u cute ;)))
  • Alec: no homo
  • Magnus: please?
  • Alec: no
  • Magnus: please??
  • Alec: no
  • Magnus: please????????
  • Alec: no
  • Magnus: fine
  • Alec:
  • Alec: wait no

          I can’t help but love you
          Even though I try not to
          I can’t help but want you
      I know that I’d die without you

   I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
‘Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
    I can’t help but want oceans to part
'Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

            War of Hearts - Ruelle

THIS WHOLE SCENE THO OwO!!! the iconIc wedding scene!! I just had to draw sth based on it! and fuck exams! i need to draw :’‘D!!! take some time off an be a fangirl that i have been for years xD!

Winter was at its highest and although Magnus’s loft had a very good heating system, he had purposely lowered it down a bit to have the excuse to be near the fire and use the blankets to warm each other up. 

- “Between The Lines” (Chapter 23) by @msalexiscriss

Wish you the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend Alexis, and all the best for the next year!!

I love your stories and I love talking to you and that you’re always up to fangirl around or answer my questions and add to my limited Shadowhunter knowledge… Thank you!!