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The annon about the Naruto clothes, either or, it's whatever inspires you to write?

so this is written with those who wear female-fashioned clothing in mind bc well, that’s really all i have experience with and i have no idea what boys wear tbh. this is also kinda like what they’d prefer you to wear on dates bc it’s seems ridiculous if they’re trying to dress you up on a daily basis but that’s just me

  • Kiba, Hashirama, Naruto, Ebisu, Asuma, and Shisui like those kinda “party/going out” looks. the shorts, the tight pants, bodycon dresses, maybe some crop tops, heels, and accessories. the basic “Insta-girl” style.
  • Neji, Tobirama, Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Itachi likes the more “traditional” kinda look so, pull out the fancy-shmancy silk kimonos and all that jazz. 
  • Jiraiya and Kakashi both have a weakness for the really done up look, like maximum sex appeal. you could literally copy some hollywood starlet and have them in the palm of your hand. glossy, pouty lips, smokey eyes, very tailored dresses/skirts/pants that show off your figure. 
  • Choji, Yamato, Gaara, Lee, and Gai really like the soft look and really whatever makes you comfortable, pretty flower prints, bright colors that make you look like you are glowing, super spring-y stuff. 
  • everyday is winter to Shikamaru and Kankuro, so he likes the grunge-y autumn/winter looks. black jeans, boots, sweaters/flannel shirts.
  • Iruka, Minato, and Baki appreciate anything you want to wear, although they do think you look nice in red and/or orange. 
  • Genma prefers you wear nothing and can’t be bothered with anything else. 
  • Aoba and Shino appreciate the minimalist style, colorblocking, black and white, anything like that–something sensible, but flattering?

Naruto: Sasuke and Hinata First Impressions (Sketch)

Hinata and Sasuke are actually my favorite characters in Naruto and I wonder what would happen if they had at least interacted in the manga, and if they did, it would be cute and awkward IMO (They share a similar background story and come from two powerful and noble clans, I mean, c'mon! Didn’t Kishi thought of it before?).

It’s crack but whatever~~A fangirl is free to dream and ship.