sh leave me alone

anonymous asked:

it's my friend's b-day today, and i was gonna make a joke related to Caesar getting stabbed and how they're connected and usually he's fine with it but now all of a sudden he's like "i don't give a sh*t" and "leave me alone" and he was fine like an hour ago and it's making me feel really bad n i don't know why he all of a sudden is acting like i'm the most annoying person in the world

What?? that’s so weird… was it because of the joke, or is he just randomly being a jerk?

Well, whatever, just ignore him! He’s clearly being a dick, and you don’t have time for that. Frankly, no drama = happy life. Just give him space until he gets over himself!

L-leave me alone….*cries* S-snowflake, sh-she hurt me….*cries* I-I tried telling my parents a-and she beat me up and c-clawed at me. *cries* sh-she said that I don’t deserve to be loved by anyone and that I-I-I should go kill myself b-because everyone I know h-h-hates me. *cries*