sh just accept it


i think about adult giorno a lot…..too much

I find it really funny to imagine Lin deciding that it would be easier on everyone in the long run to just let Varrick keep his assistant in prison, because otherwise he’s going to complain constantly and Zhu Li’s going to end up organizing a massive prison break. Like she experiments in the holding cells with how far away she can get them from each other before they both start going bugfuck and just decides, “yeah, as long as they’re in the same room they just throw tea parties instead of trying to rig up pipe-bombs in the sink, we’re going to do that”.

they are the rare earth magnets and Lin is the apple just nopin’ the fuck away from that mess

one of my favourite things about elementary is that the show and joan and sherlock never shy away from examining the shortcomings of sherlock holmes’ selfishness

like in most iterations of sh i feel like you’re supposed to just accept that it’s ‘part of his process!!!!!!!’ that he is completely selfish, but elementary holmes often ponders with joan on how it may limit him

and i really like it