And that was how young wizard Yuuri (13) met his Durmstrang idol Victor (17), who still managed to throw shade while being supportive lmao. BASED OFF OF AND INSPIRED BY @46gohan‘s absolutely lovely YOIxHarryPotter au:

♥ http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/153315272616/so-ive-been-rewatching-the-hp-series-lately-and ♥ 

When I saw the au I was absolutely smitten by the idea and I wanted to draw something for it, but then I thought maybe one frame wasn’t enough.. And then this long-ish fluff comic happened LOL. I also just wanted an excuse to put blue roses and Victor in the same shot heh. Wiki stated “orchideous” is used to conjure ANY type of flower, but it really sounds like it’s exclusive to orchids hahah. Thanks again @46gohan ~ ! :))

Alexander Gideon Lightwood.

Magnus Bane cat eyes.

First gif ever soooo…yeah, I tried ! ^^’

Malec selfie (part1)

-Alexander, Darling? Get your sparkly ass here, they wanna selfie of us…


“you never walk alone”
ft. jikook

(( their outfits were based on the global vlive top 10 ))

Downworlders reunion…!

-And then I poor in like the crazy wizard that I am and I say to Maryse that it is between me and my lovely Alexander, and Alexander just hops down there and smooches me right on the face !!!

Right in front of fucking everyone !!!