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Kinda feel bad for Urie though. He went through the deepest sh*t few chapters ago, he broke the frame, he’s sacrificing his human side to get that powerup but in the end couldn’t even get past Saiko’s boobs. And I feel like Saiko isn’t even breaking a sweat.

(Seriously though, i don’t have a problem with saiko’s skills but i thought urie should’ve put up a better fight. maybe i got too hyped when he went into berserk mode but also seeing the high price the had to pay for that, i think he could’ve gotten more powerful after breaking all the frames.)


“Sometimes it comes down to a choice,” he said. “Between saving one person and saving the whole world. I’ve seen it happen, and I’m selfish enough to want the person who loves me to choose me. But Nephilim will always choose the world. I look at Alec and I feel like Lucifer in Paradise Lost. ‘Abashed the Devil stood, And felt how awful goodness is.’ He meant it in the classic sense. ‘Awful’ as in inspiring awe. And awe is well and good, but it’s poison to love. Love has to be between equals.” 

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20 minutes ago the scene where Alec gives Magnus the gift was published on the Shadowhunters istagram page. I'm so overwhelmed and I'm literally having a heart attack and I can't watch it help me goddammit

Why can’t you watch it, pumpkin? Are you scared of being spoiled? Here it is on tumblr? If that helps?

Besides, Freeform has absolutely ZERO chill, lbr. Giving away a sneak peek 5 hours before the episode. I cannot believe them. lmao

I can’t get over the fact that Sherlock knew exactly where to go when MP Molly told him “to control the pain”.

If he has a specific room, that must mean he’s had to control the “pain” before. Not just any pain either. MP Moriarty even said what kind: Pain, heartbreak, loss & death.

Well, we see him die.

What about pain? We’ve seen him experience pain before.

But what about heartbreak? This is obviously about John.

And loss? He lost Redbeard before and most recently lost John.

And then there’s this scene:

He’s asking himself that question. The devoid of emotions, hard, cold, “sociopath” self. And then his inner self (MP Moriarty) reminds him that he always feels it. And that he doesn’t have to fear it anymore. That its okay to feel, even if most of the time its unpleasant feelings. 

Sometimes I forget this is all inside his head.