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Persona 3-4-5 Dancing Mix: Hips Don’t Lie

(Just like with the classic Naoto’s Hips Don’t Lie, I give you a sequel featuring duos from all three dancing games. Be sure to expect a similar videos for both P3/5 for when the individual characters get their own trailers)


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dkey2happiness  asked:

Post 5 ships from 5 different fandoms and pass it along to 5 different people.❤️

So, I have so so so many ships, because I love many shows. My last 5 ships ask can be found here. if you wanna check that out. It’s so hard to choose! Here’s the 5 for this one :)

1. Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters

2. Zero (Gideon) and Jude - Hit the Floor

3. Agron and Nasir - Spartacus

4. Lito and Hernando - Sense8

5. Even and Isak - Skam

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Any chance we could any headcanons on how the PT girls would be in a makeout session? You can add the guys too, if you'd like.

((eyyyyyy ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) i think i’ll be doing the boys for this one, since the girls were the first ones i wrote for! but if you want to submit your request again, i’ll do the girls ;)))


  • He’s an infuriatingly good kisser (don’t fight me on this). If he initiates a more heated session, he’ll likely bite down on his partner’s lip and sneak his tongue in once they’re surprised. If his partner initiates it, his eyes will probably widen for just a second before he’s smiling back against their lips. 
  • He won’t be satisfied unless his partner is practically gasping for air by the time their lips part, so if you get caught with him, be prepared to be under him for… a while.
  • One thing his partner could do to surprise him is to tug on his hair or take off his glasses (if he hasn’t already). But then he’ll just smirk and want to get back at them later. “punishment” as he calls it
  • The positioning of his hands would probably be one behind his partner’s head, and the other on their waist or arm. He won’t say much since kissing is in itself a way of communicating his emotions, but it’s likely he’d pull away to study his partner’s face for a minute before saying some cheeky remark like “You’re cute.” but we all love his smugness anyway so who’s the real winner here


  • An absolute bundle of nerves. He’s just so happy, so excited to be so close and intimate with his partner like this that his lips would probably be everywhere he could reach. Their lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, neck; nowhere is safe when Ryuji is feeling affectionate. His enthusiasm might even be too much for his partner to keep up with and they’ll just end up getting showered in kisses for a few solid minutes until he calms down a bit.
  • He doesn’t really feel okay with getting any more intense without asking his partner, so if he initiates it, he’ll probably flush red and ask, “So, uh… is it okay for me to… y’know. Do what I want here?” even though he could easily be won over in like ten seconds if his partner initiates by wrapping their arms around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.
  • His arms probably end up on either side of his partner while they’re kissing. but honestly having their chests pressed together is enough to sate his need for physical contact
  • If you touch his face while you’re kissing, there is a nonzero chance that he’ll melt from absolute happiness. Also tell him you love him to really get the waterworks going.


  • As an artist, his touch is delicate and precise. However, it can get more than a little clumsy when it comes to intimacy with his partner. His hands will shake, his breathing will go a bit ragged, and sometimes all he can do is stare at them in admiration… but also in complete silence. 
  • He’s not quite confident in his abilities to communicate his feelings through intimate actions, so oftentimes he has to ask for reassurance before doing anything. “You… love me, yes? So… would it be odd for me to kiss you? Is that… is that alright?”
  • His hands will be tracing over every part of his partner he can reach, trying his absolute best to commit every sensation to memory. Their breathing, their heartbeat, the way they move under him; everything is so perfect, and he never wants to forget the feeling. One hand is likely to stay in their hair, though, brushing and occasionally tugging it lightly. The feeling of their hair running through his fingers is extremely calming to him.
  • Once he’s thoroughly in a groove, he might get a bit overeager, kissing them deeper and deeper and grasping at any part of them until they have to be the one to break away and breathe. He stares at their flushed face for a long time, memorizing it, until he says softly: “I adore you.”


  • He gets surprisingly emotional when it comes to intimate moments with his partner, since the feelings that come over him are very much out of touch with how he’s lived most of his life. Before anything starts, it’s likely he’ll just hold his partner in his arms and reach for one of their hands to put against his cheek. Listen to their breathing. Ask them to tell him they love him. He needs a bit of this emotional preparation before actually proceeding; to confirm that his partner’s feelings for him are genuine before letting them in fully. 
  • His favorite position is one in which he’s on top of his partner with their hands laced together beside their head. The feeling of control he gets from it is vital to the pleasure he feels. 
  • He’s quite greedy from the get-go and makes sure to let them know it. He’ll kiss his partner breathless while whispering to them in between: “It seems like you’re enjoying this too.” “Your face right now is beyond words.” “I’m the only one who can see you like this… right?”
  • Warning: if you tell Akechi you love him or praise him, he will 100% kiss you ten times harder as a way of yearning for more praise. Be careful when using this ultra-move.