sh 264

"You Did It Out Of Love" One Shot

Author: lifeofsnark

Word count: 2644

Warnings: self-loathing, mentions of suicide, mentions of past neglect, mentions of past self-harm

Summary: Kate overhears Dean telling Sam that he still doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She takes it on herself to let Dean know just how wrong he is about himself. Very angsty, but ends on a positive note.

A/N: Another in the Kate/Winchester’s line (following Enter Sandman 1 and 2.) Please please send feedback to lifeofsnark!


Kate shut the door of the bunker quietly behind her. She knew Sam and Dean were home from the last hunt- the Impala was back in its spot in the garage- but she didn’t know how long they had been back.  They could be asleep.

They weren’t; before she made it to the stairs she could hear their raised voices coming from the kitchen. “Don’t tell me to hurry up, Dean! I’m trying to get the bleeding stopped as fast as I can!” Sam shouted.

Kate had never heard Sam raise his voice at his brother when Dean was injured; she hurried towards the kitchen.

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