sh 1x02

  • <p> <b>Alec:</b> No.<p/><b>Alec:</b> Jace, make them go away.<p/><b>Alec:</b> Redheaded thing. Shoo.<p/><b>Alec:</b> ehmygod I can't with this mundane.<p/><b>Alec:</b> I literally cannot.<p/><b>Alec:</b> I can't be here right now.<p/><b>Alec:</b> Why me?<p/><b>Alec:</b> Do not look at Jace like that you little goblin.<p/><b>Alec:</b> How dare.<p/><b>Alec:</b> LISTEN TO ME--<p/><b>Alec:</b> Yes, I love you too, Izzy.<p/><b>Alec:</b> But I can't with you right now.<p/></p>