sh 1.12

There is so much to love with the wedding scene. From Lydia being fine with her groom leaving her at the altar for a man. To everybody (with 2 exceptions) smiling at Alec following his heart and kissing Magnus. Then there was Lydia stalling from marking up Alec to see if he would change his mind.

Oh then there was Maryse getting in Magnus face and him not taking her shit. So she got in Alec’s face and him telling her ‘enough’.

Izzy being so proud of her big brother and Simon fangirling over Malec.

Oh and Alec just looking at Magnus before walking over and claiming Magnus.

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Magnus likes being manhandled by his man.

But seriously, Alec tells him to back off and that he won’t pick Magnus over his career. And Magnus tells him that he won’t ask again but Izzy sends him the text message about the wedding and he shows up.

Magnus wouldn’t give up on THEM and he refused to let even ALEC stand in the way.

I find it sweet that after deciding to crash the wedding, Magnus not only changed his clothes but also added the red highlights to his hair. He wanted to look good when he made a scene and claimed his boo.

That could explain Magnus’ new look for season 3. Alec and him are (hopefully) taking the next step towards living happily ever after and he wants to look good for his boo.

Izzy’s face when Simon says that “strippers” make a great bachelor party. She knows that Alec wouldn’t be interested in female strippers and that he would rather die than have male ones show up.

But Izzy is smart and knows that all he needed was Jace there.