“Omg it is sooooooo unrealistic that none of the main characters from tmi died like these people battle demons every day for years and have lived through a war without getting so much as a disability sorry Cassie but I am calling bullshit on your plot.”

Also me:
*imagines Alec being killed in the war before he got back together with Magnus and Isabelle crying by his coffin and Jace’s parabatai rune fading to nothing but a white scar and Magnus going to join his father in the void because god, life just doesn’t mean anything without him and now there are tears on my screen*
“Cassie I am sorry I didn’t mean it please no thank you so much no sequel please you are perfect don’t hurt me no”

there are a lot of really specific and emotional headcanons about magnus meeting max but honestly no detailed concept could possibly affect me more than the basic idea of alec getting to tell his brother “this is my boyfriend, magnus” i’m just